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Virtual Tour of Delivery Suite

You are welcome to come and have a look around our maternity unit. Join us on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Call us on 01905 733345 to book a place. Please note this number is manned Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8am to 4pm. If you get through to the answerphone, please leave a message including your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please phone to book your tour after you have had your 20 week scan for a place when you are 32 weeks pregnant.

These are some of the areas you will see:

  • How to get to the hospital

  • Your facilities

  • The team

delivery suite virtual tour title image

This 'virtual' tour has been designed to give you information about the layout of our unit and some of the equipment you may expect to see. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact your community midwife.

1. Hospital map

delivery suite WRHmap


2. Hospital entrance


worcestershire royal hospital entrance

The best way to get in is through the main hospital entrance. If you are attending with someone in labour, we would advise that you park as near to the front entrance as possible. Take your partner to the department you have been asked to attend and then move your car afterwards. Leave any large bags in the car to collect later.

3. Night telephone

worcestershire royal hospital night phone

The doors are open from 6am to 10pm. If you are coming in late at night or early in the morning, use the yellow telephone between the two sets of doors and ask to be let in.

 4. Worcestershire Royal Hospital Reception

Worcestershire Royal Hospital - You are at reception...

 Once inside the main reception area, you will see there are wheelchairs to use if you need to. Turn left behind the coffee shop into a corridor...

5. Maternity corridor

Maternity Corridor - This way please!

...turn immediately right down a corridor...

6. Delivery suite entrance

Delivery Suite Entrance

...the delivery suite is about halfway down that corridor on your left hand side.

7. Delivery suite intercom

To get in to the delivery suite, use the intercom mounted on the wall on the left hand side of the door. All entrances to and exits from the maternity unit are kept locked to ensure the safety of mums and babies. In order to gain access to the maternity unit you will need to press the button to the left of the entrance door and wait for a reply. A member of staff will meet you and take you to where you need to go.

Your facilities

1. Delivery room

Delivery Room

All the delivery rooms at Worcestershire Royal Hospital are single bed rooms with en suite facilities. A typical room looks like this. Features are indexed below:

Hospedia - bedside entertainment and communication system. Provides TV, radio, telephone and internet to patients.
Gas - gas and air is available for pain relief in all of the labour rooms, your midwife will show you how to use it.
Bed - the bed height can be lowered and raised, which is useful to lean over for support when having contractions.
Bean Bag - can be used on the floor or the bed to provide support when getting into different positions, it can also be useful for backpain.
Mat - provides soft padding for standing, kneeling or sitting on.
Birth Ball - a large soft ball to use in labour. You can sit on it or lean over it. Pelvic rocking on the ball can help with pain relief and help your baby to move down the birth canal.

1(i). Elsewhere in delivery room

elsewhere in delivery room

Each room has en suite facilities which provide privacy for using in labour. Water is relaxing and helps relieve pain. You can use the bath in labour.

2. Birthing pool

Birthing Pool at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

We also have a room with a birthing pool for water births. If you want to use the pool in labour or for birth please ask your midwife when you call us before you attend so we can make the room available for you.

The team

c staff

While you are in the delivery suite, you may see several members of staff performing various duties. You may not care who they are as long as they are sympathetic and supportive, but if you or your partner wish to speak to a particular member of the team, you can tell who they are by their uniforms. Different staff are indexed below:

Ward Clerk
Healthcare Support Worker

Maternity theatre

Maternity Theartre

We actively promote normal birth and will do everything we can to provide the advice and support that women need to achieve this, before and after labour. However, there are times when either an elective (planned) or emergency caesarean section is needed in the best interests of the woman and her baby. We have dedicated operating theatres for maternity, which are next to the delivery suite.

Recovery / Anaesthetic room

 Recovery Room

Next to the theatre is the anaesthetic room, or recovery room, where patients stay before and after their operation.

End of tour.

Page last updated: 18 December 2015

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