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How our hospital keeps stuff private and safe!

‘Personal Information’ is stuff about you. It’s very important to keep any information we have about you safe. The law says we need to tell you all about it…so that’s why we have written this!

GDPR folderWe keep information about you to make sure we can provide good care and treatment for you. We keep hold of things like your name, where you live, notes the doctors write about you, and your parents’ / carers’ details.

There are rules to say how long we can keep stuff about you – we have to keep some stuff for years and years! We are allowed by law to keep your information because we need it to make you better or let you know about appointments.

GPDR file

If you want to see what the doctors and nurses have written about you – just ask us. Over 13? You can ask us yourself. Younger than 13? You’ll need your parent or carer to ask. Please fill in this form if you want to see your health record.

Download GDPR Application Form for Health Records

GDPR medics2The hospital shares information with other bits of the NHS (like doctors’ surgeries and school nurses), and other people who help us (like social workers). There are laws in place to make sure we do this properly, safely and fairly.

Luckily for us, we have lots of different companies we work with who help us do our jobs better. If we have another company helping us, then we might need to share your information with them. BUT it is always the hospitals’ job to make sure that they keep your stuff safe, and only use it for what WE say they can.

WiFi Logo webThe company ‘BT’ helps us to provide free wifi for patients in our hospitals. You will be asked to say ‘yes or no’ to logging on to the wifi. If you say yes, we will share your information with them.

Anything else?

Ask your nurse or doctor if you want to know more, or you could always write to our Data Protection Officer, whose name is Rebecca Brown. She is very nice and can answer any of your questions about how we keep your stuff private and safe. You can email her on: