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Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

How can PALS help?

We offer an informal, impartial and confidential patient advice service for anyone who may need on the spot advice, support or information.

We help you sort out any concerns you may have about the care we provide. We pass on your comments to the right people and answer your enquiries in an empathetic, efficient and professional manner. We work closely with colleagues around the Trust to make this happen. 

Our PALS officers can help patients, their carers and families.

What happens to my query when I have finished speaking with the PALS?

If we are dealing with a problem on your behalf, we will speak to the service concerned to try to resolve this for you.

How to contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service

You can call on 0300 123 1732 or email:

More about what the PALS does:

Our team are on hand to help with any information you may need about the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and to deal with any concerns you may have about your care.

If you have a problem with treatment or care in one of our hospitals you can speak with a member of the PALS team, who’ll try to help you resolve issues quickly. PALS can be particularly helpful if your issue is urgent and you need action immediately

  • PALS  focuses on resolving issues as well as dealing with questions, suggestions and concerns
  • PALS is a confidential advice, support and information service on health-related matters
  • PALS can advise on how to connect with loved ones with restricted and compassionate visiting in place at this time
  • PALS can guide patients, their carers and relatives through the different services available
  • PALS can support advice and information if you have queries about medical care
  • PALS can support with accessibility and communication queries and concerns
  • PALS helps the organisation learn from patients’ experiences and comments
  • PALS listens to your suggestions for improving services and health care
  • PALS responds to your concerns if you are unhappy with an aspect of your healthcare 
  • PALS deals with your problems in confidence

We will: 

  • Talk to staff on your behalf
  • Refer you to outside advocacy services should you need them
  • Ensure that the quality of service respects users’ rights, dignity and cultural values

The PALS team will contact you within one working day of your approach to our service.

Looking to provide a compliment? 

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