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Worcestershire Royal Hospital is made up of several buildings. Wards are located in the main hospital building and Aconbury East.

Visiting times

The majority of our wards have visiting times of between 10am and 10pm, but there may be exceptions to this. Please check with the ward before you visit.

To find your way around onsite, please download and print off ourWorcestershire Royal Hospital map

Accident and Emergency (A&E)Emergency medicine01905 733453
Aconbury 1Cardiology

01905 760591

Aconbury 2General Medicine01905 763333
Aconbury 3Renal Medicine01905 760074
Aconbury 4Gastroenterology01905 760133
Acute Respiratory UnitRespiratory 01905 760563
Acute Stroke UnitStroke01905 760771
Antenatal clinicMaternity01905 760573
Avon 2Elderly Care01905 733068
Avon 3Diabetes, renal medicine, infectious…01905 760597
Avon 4Elderly care01905 733782
Beech AGeneral surgery01905 760566
Beech B General surgery01905 760889 / 760567
Beech CGeneral surgery01905 760567
Beech Enhanced CareSurgery 
Cardiac Catheter LabCardiology01905  733205
Discharge Lounge  
EndoscopyEndoscopy01905 760856
Emergency Gynaecology Assessment Unit (EPAU)Gynaecology01905 761489
Hazel TraumaTrauma and elective orthopaedics

01905 760017

Head and NeckHead & Neck /ENT/Max Fax01905 760545
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)Critical care01905 760598
Laurel 1  Vascular and Enchanced careVascular01905 733073
Laurel 2Oncology01905 760265
Laurel 3Haematology01905 760568
Laurel Coronary Care Unit (CCU)Cardiology01905 760561
Lavender Antenatal WardMaternity01905 763333
Lavender Day AssessmentMaternity01905 760594
Lavender Delivery SuiteMaternity01905 760571
Lavender PostnatalMaternity01905 760570
Lavender Transitional Care Unit (TCU)Maternity01905 760663
Lavender TriageMaternity01905 733196
Linden SuiteENT 
Meadow Birth CentreMaternity01905 760333 ext 30075
Medical Assessment Unit (MAU)Medical assessment01905 733001
Medical Day CaseMedical assessment01905 733462
Medical High Care and Short Stay UnitMedical assessment01905 760537
Neonatal UnitNeonatal care01905 760661
OphthalmologyOphthalmology01905 760422 / 760423 
Rowan SuiteOncology/Haematology01905 733023
RheumatologyRheumatology01905 760333 
Riverbank PaediatricsChildren and young people01905 760588
Surgical Assessment UnitGeneral Surgery01905 760267
Trauma and Orthopaedics Side ATrauma and elective orthopaedics01905 733589
Trauma and Orthopaedics Side BTrauma and elective orthopaedics01905 733589
Vascular HDUVascular01905 733073