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Mums-to-be who are expected to have a straightforward pregnancy are known as low risk. The community midwife can provide care for low risk mothers and babies, either at your GP’s surgery or a children’s centre close to your home.  If you are a low risk mother you can choose to have your baby at home or in hospital.

Mums-to-be who may have had complications while pregnant or in a previous pregnancy will be offered a choice of who looks after them.This can be provided by both the community midwife and the hospital doctors or just the hospital doctors. Appointments to see the doctors can be at a consultant clinic convenient to where you live.

Depending on the reason for consultant led care, you may need to see other doctors as part of a wider team that will be looking after you. This may involve Anaesthetists, Neurologists, cardiologists and Paediatricians; your obstetrician will explain this to you when you see them and request any further appointments needed.

It is recommended that you give birth to your baby in hospital. Again your care can be provided by both the midwifery and medical teams.

Our maternity services team offers a range of additional services to help you and your baby stay well during your pregnancy. These include:

  • Support for women who are expecting more than one baby
  • Advice on healthy eating and healthy weight gain
  • Physiotherapy

Your care team will help you to access these if you need them.

If you need advice or want to see someone urgently give us a ring on 01905 733196 (Worcestershire Royal Hospital).

  • Anaesthetic Clinic

    Anaesthetic clinic referrals:

    Obstetric Anaesthetists are doctors who specialise in looking after women in pregnancy and labour, especially those who are at a higher risk of needing a caesarean delivery or who have medical problems that may affect their pregnancy.

    Referral to see an anaesthetist when pregnant could be for advice on pain relief in labour, how you would be looked after if you needed a caesarean section or about problems related to epidurals or labour anaesthesia in the past.

    The following links provide more information on exactly who should be referred to see an anaesthetist during their pregnancy and specific conditions that may need anaesthetic involvement:

    • Referral guidelines….
    • Back pain….
    • Low Platelet levels….
    • Increased weight or Body Mass Index (BMI) above 45….