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Troubleshooting your Hearing Aid

Before contacting the hearing services, please look at the information that is available in this troubleshooting section.

Hearing aid whistling/buzzing

If the hearing aid is whistling, it may be feedback which happens when sound from your hearing aid leaks out and is picked up by the microphone.

Please check the following:

  • Have you fitted your earmould or open fit correctly?
    • You may not have inserted the earmould or corda tube properly, press it gently to see if it will go in further or take it out and try again.
  • Do you have a build up of wax?
    • Please ask your GP/nurse to check your ears
  • If the aid is buzzing, please check that it is not on the loop position (telecoil) if you have that facility.
  • If the earmould is loose or cracked please contact the audiology department as you many need a new mould.

Remember we advise that the tubing is replaced approximately every 6 months whether you have a problem or not.