Things to do in hospital

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When you are in hospital we have lots of different activities and games to keep you entertained. There are play specialists on the ward who can help to ensure that you don’t get bored.

We have a play room full of toys and games.

We also have a young people’s room, complete with Nintendo Wii and TV.

  • Play room
    playroom Door

    We have a lovely playroom on the ward where you can find all sorts of different things to play with.

    We have,colouring,drawing,cars,trains,a play kitchen,Lego,Duplo,jigsaw puzzles,board games,DVDs and much more!

    If you are allowed out of your bed and are well enough, you can visit the play room for a play or you can take some toys back to your bed.

    playroom shelves

    If you cannot come to the playroom yourself, your parents or carer can get some toys and games for you. Our play specialists can also keep you entertained when you are in bed.

    Play room rules

    • Play nice!
    • No eating or drinking in the play room
    • You must have a grown up with you at all times 
  • Outside Play area

    We have an outside play area that you can also use when the weather is nice enough with a pirate ship including slide and other outdoor toys!

  • Young People's room
    Young People's room

    We have a young people’s room on the ward for patients aged 13 years and over.

    The room has a range of games and activities, including a TV and Nintendo Wii.

    Young People's Room

    Our promise to young people

    • We should have privacy when we want it or when we need it.
    • We should be looked after with other young people of similar ages.
    • We should have somewhere to go to chill out and chat with our friends.
    • Our opinions should be asked and listened to.
    • Our care should be planned with us and we will stick to that plan.
    • We need to feel able to ask questions.
    • We need to feel able to approach doctors or nurses for help and advice and know that anything we say will be treated confidentially unless you think it puts us or others at risk or in danger.
    • We want our friends and family to visit and be able to keep in touch with us and visit us if we want.
    • We should be treated politely and with respect and we will treat others the same.
    • We should have a voice that will be listened to so that care and facilities may be improved