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Each of our three hospitals can see and treat children with minor illnesses, injuries or those with outpatient appointments who do not need an overnight stay.

Children who have a life-threatening condition, need to stay overnight in hospital or need to see a specialist paediatrician, will have their care delivered at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. They will be seen and assessed by expert paediatric teams, with those requiring an overnight stay admitted to the dedicated 35 bed children’s ward at Worcestershire Royal.

Please click the relevant link below for more information on the Children’s Services offered at each of our hospitals:

‘HANDi Paediatric’ app (Worcestershire)

Parents, carers and healthcare professionals can access expert advice about common childhood illnesses and how to treat them via a mobile app, called HANDi App. It is free and can be downloaded to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Developed and approved by Paediatric Consultants, the app provides expert advice on how best to manage the six most common childhood illnesses. This includes diarrhoea and vomiting, high temperature, chestiness (baby and child), newborn problems and stomach pain.

The ‘HANDi Paediatric’ App aims to give parents and carers more confidence in dealing with minor conditions at home.

For more information, including videos and downloads, click here 

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