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Ensuring our staff know the plans for the future of our organisation is key to our success. The graphic below sets out how our strategies and culture will help us achieve our goals.

Our purpose is plain and simple. Putting Patients First. That’s why we’re all here. Our purpose shapes our vision.

Our purpose and vision shape our objectives:

Best services for local people: We will develop and design our services with patients, for patients. We will work actively with our partners to build the best, sustainable services which enable people in the communities we care for to enjoy the highest standards of health and wellbeing.

Best experience of care and best outcomes for our patients: We will ensure that the care our patients receive is safe, clinically excellent, compassionate and an exemplar of positive patient experience. We will drive the transformation and continuous improvement of our care systems and processes through clinically-led innovation and best use of technology.

Best use of resources: We will ensure that services – now and in the future – meet the highest possible standards within available resources for the benefit of our patients and the wider health and care system.

Best people: We will invest in our people to ensure that we recruit, retain and develop the right staff with the right skills who care about, and take pride in, putting patients first.

These objectives are underpinned by our 4ward signature behaviours which remain firmly at the heart of everything we do.

Steering us along the way are our enabling strategies which will describe how our services are organised effectively across our sites into the future. We will introduce a single improvement methodology to support the changes we will need to make.

To make it happen we must work together.

patients first

Patients First

Our Vision

Working in partnership
to provide the best healthcare for our
communities, leading and supporting our
teams to move 4ward

Our Strategic Objectives

Best services for local people
Best experience of care and outcomes for our patients
Best use of resources
Best people

Our 4ward Signature Behaviours

weWe Do What We Say We Will Do
listenWe Listen, We Learn, We Lead
planWe Plan For No Delays, Every Day
workWe Work Together, We Celebrate Together

Clinical Services Strategy

Our Enabling Strategies

Quality and
People and
Medium Term
Financial Plan

4ward Improvement System

Download the Trust Strategy Pyramid.