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When you are a patient or a visitor in any of our hospitals you will see our four 4ward behaviours displayed in public and ward areas as a constant reminder to staff of what we are trying to achieve.

Our focus going 4ward is twofold. We want to transform our culture whilst at the same time improving our performance across the whole of Trust, particularly around our wide-ranging quality improvement programme, improving the flow for patients who attend our Emergency Departments, our preparations for winter and our efforts to achieve financial stability.

4ward is about creating an environment where staff can make decisions, be personally accountable for their outcomes and celebrate together collective achievements. 4ward will help us create a winning culture and improved performance throughout the entire organisation.

Making our Trust a better place for our staff, our patients and our local community is the ultimate goal of 4ward, so we want everyone to focus on how we behave what we deliver and create a culture we can all be proud of.

We will be sharing our progress and finding ways for you to provide feedback about how well we are positively demonstrating the behaviours.  We hope to gain your support – and we want you to hold us accountable to ensure our success.

Take a look at our patient 4ward ‘we do this by’ here, does this match your experience?

Putting Patients first “We Do This By”

patients first

Patients First

Our Vision

Working in partnership
to provide the best healthcare for our
communities, leading and supporting our
teams to move 4ward

Our Strategic Objectives

Best services for local people
Best experience of care and outcomes for our patients
Best use of resources
Best people

Our 4ward Signature Behaviours

weWe Do What We Say We Will Do
listenWe Listen, We Learn, We Lead
planWe Plan For No Delays, Every Day
workWe Work Together, We Celebrate Together

Clinical Services Strategy

Our Enabling Strategies

Quality and
People and
Medium Term
Financial Plan

4ward Improvement System

  • We Do What We Say We Will Do

    Do What We Say We Will Do

    • I have been provided with a drink, blanket, meal of my choice when I have requested it.
    • I have received the treatment I told I would receive
    • Staff follow through and do what they told me they would do
    • I feel looked after in the Ward/Department
    • I have had a positive experience of care
    • I have been helped by staff
    • I have had my privacy and dignity respected when discussing and receiving care
    • I have been treated with respect
    • Staff are approachable and helpful
  • No delays, Every Day

    No delays, Every Day

    • I know who to call for staff attention/assistance
    • Staff answer the call bell promptly
    • Staff communicate any delays with me clearly
    • Staff provide any medication in a timely way
    • I have seen a doctor every day during my hospital stay
    • Staff respond to any pain I have
    • Meals are served on time
  • We Listen, We Learn, We Lead

    We Listen, We Learn, We Lead

    • Staff respond to my pain by providing medications
    • I am involved in Doctors Ward rounds
    • I am involved in decisions made about my care
    • I am comfortable
    • I feel listened to - staff listen to my choices, preferences and any changes in how I am feeling
    • I have been provided with relevant information about my care and treatment
    • My family/carers/people who matter to me are involved in my care when necessary
  • We Work Together, We Celebrate Together

    Work together, celebrate together

    • Staff are welcoming and friendly
    • Staff are communicating clearly with one another
    • Staff are communicating clearly with me and my loved ones
    • I know who is looking after me today
    • I know why I am here
    • I know what is due to happen today/tomorrow
    • I know when I am going home
    • I know what needs to happen before I can go home


You can leave your feedback by emailing our dedicated address at: