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Welcome to the 4ward microsite. Here you will find all of the information you need to know about “the way we do things around here” at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, with our culture programme – 4ward.

4Ward sits at the heart of our #PuttingPatientsFirst strategy and is the HOW to how we will deliver both our strategic objectives and our vision. For colleagues across the organisation, 4ward is how we will deliver the best possible care and best services for our patients and that we are always putting them first in everything that we do.

patients first

Patients First

Our Vision

Working in partnership
to provide the best healthcare for our
communities, leading and supporting our
teams to move 4ward

Our Strategic Objectives

Best services for local people
Best experience of care and outcomes for our patients
Best use of resources
Best people

Our 4ward Signature Behaviours

weWe Do What We Say We Will Do
listenWe Listen, We Learn, We Lead
planWe Plan For No Delays, Every Day
workWe Work Together, We Celebrate Together

Clinical Services Strategy

Our Enabling Strategies

Quality and
People and
Medium Term
Financial Plan

4ward Improvement System

4ward is a long-term, far-reaching initiative which aims to help colleagues across our Trust work more effectively together in a spirit of mutual support and respect as we tackle the challenges we face and make the most of the opportunities that the future will bring.

Our focus going 4ward is twofold. We want to transform our culture whilst at the same time improving our performance across the whole of Trust, particularly around our wide-ranging quality improvement programme, improving the flow for patients, our preparations for winter and our efforts to achieve financial stability.

At the heart of 4ward are four signature behaviours. Our aim is to have all our staff positively demonstrating these behaviours and working together to achieve our shared goals. The behaviours are:

  • We Do What We Say We Will Do

    We Do What We Say We Will Do

  • We Plan for No delays, Every Day

    We Plan for No delays, Every Day

  • We Listen, We Learn, We Lead

    We Listen, We Learn, We Lead

  • We Work Together, We Celebrate Together

    We Work Together, We Celebrate Together

Making the Trust a better place for our staff, our patients and our local community is the ultimate goal of 4ward, so we want everyone to focus on how we behave what we deliver and create a culture we can all be proud of.

4ward is an investment in our people, we want all of our colleagues to work in a culture and environment they are truly proud of, a culture that reflects us all wanting to come to work and be really happy here. 4ward has been highly successful since it was launched in October 2017 and very exciting for all of our colleagues, volunteers, patients and partners that have been involved. We want to continue this movement with every new person that joins our organisation and every patient that visits us here for treatment.

Find out more about 4ward by clicking below and listening to Chairman, Sir David Nicholson as he outlines why 4ward is important in putting our patients first: