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It is really important to us that our wider partners share in the vision and future plans of the Trust.

Over the recent months we have made it clear that working with, and for, our community is of vital importance to our transformation. As someone also with the interests of our community, we know it is vital that you understand the goals of the 4ward programme.

4ward is a long-term, far-reaching initiative which aims to help colleagues across our Trust work more effectively together in a spirit of mutual support and respect as we tackle the challenges we face and make the most of the opportunities that the future will bring.

Our focus going 4ward is twofold. We want to transform our culture whilst at the same time improving our performance across the whole of Trust, particularly around our wide-ranging quality improvement programme, improving the flow for patients who attend our Emergency Departments, our preparations for winter and our efforts to achieve financial stability.

By openly communicating the new 4ward programme to everyone – our staff, the community and our partners – it is our commitment to continually communicate the impact of the programme in a number of ways, including publicly sharing our checkpoint results three times a year, and articulating how the 4ward programme is progressing through real life stories.

Engagement and support from our partners will be a key factor in the success of the 4ward programme. By communicating with you about our successes and finding ways for you to provide feedback about how well we are positively demonstrating the behaviours we hope to gain your support – and we want you to hold us accountable to ensure our success.


You can leave your feedback by emailing our dedicated address at:

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