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4Ward Advocates

At the heart of our 4ward journey are our amazing 4ward advocates, colleagues across the organisation, who have already made a commitment to positively demonstrate our 4ward behaviours in their day to day work and supporting others to do so.

Supported by 4ward Lead Advocate, Melanie Stinton, the 4ward advocate team have been highly successful. Since 4ward began, we have achieved the following together:

  • Successful launch of 4ward in October 2017
  • Evidence of improvement and a bring it on attitude for most recent CQC inspection this summer moving the organisations ratings from inadequate to requires improvement.
  • A huge fortnight-long celebration across all sites of ‘2 years of 4ward’ in October 2019
  • A cohort of 400 Advocates and advocate development programme
  • An improved recruitment and retention position
  • Over 1000 #Thank You Thursdays
  • Celebration of #WorldMentalHealthDay and #WorldKindnessDay for the very first time in WAHT’s organisation history
  • Successful launch and embedding of Trustwide Happy Cafés (Health and wellbeing cafes held for colleagues across the organisation)
  • Helped to create, share and celebrate our award-winning Staff Facebook Group (
  • 4ward behaviour boards on every single ward linking 4ward behaviours to #PuttingPatientsFirst and encouraging 4ward language to be embedded at all levels.
  • Patient engagement including a patient ‘we do this by’
  • Greater levels of staff engagement
  • Improved staff survey results
  • Greater community engagement as 4ward advocates bridge the gap with local homeless shelters, food banks and local businesses
  • The first-ever BIG #ThankYouThursday from our Executive Team was awarded to our 4ward advocates.

And here’s what they have to say about 4ward:

Nicola O’Brien – Deputy Head of Information and Finance
“When I first heard of the 4 signature behaviours I thought that I adhered to these religiously, however on reflection I now see that there are many improvements I can make.  So I am an advocate to improve my services to the Trust and help others to do the same and ultimately to move together out of Special Measures.” 

Cearann Reen – Ward 10 manager, Alexandra Hospital
“I am an advocate because I’m passionate about the job I do and care about the Trust I work in. As a leader of a team I like to think that we can look after each other so that we can deliver the best care possible to our patients.”

Tracy Berry – Junior Ward Sister, Kidderminster Hospital
I am pleased to be involved in 4ward, as I believe that by creating a positive, focussed culture we will be able to improve both the patient experience and the working environment for all staff. It is just what the Trust needs to take us forward and out of special measures.”

Simon Walker – Divisional Information Specialist (Women’s and Children’s)
 “I’m sure I’m not alone in choosing a career in the NHS because I believe in collectively working together for a common goal – to care for (and about) people.  I’m proud to work at the Trust and I’m tired of us not being recognised as the great Trust everyone deserves.  I believe 4ward will be a vehicle to enable each of us to not just think about how we can make that a reality but to commit our actions and endeavours to doing it.  I want to do my bit and I know I won’t be alone.”

Jane Rutter – Matron
“I believe that 4ward will allow us all to work together collectively as a Trust to show we are passionate about the care we give. This will give us all a sense of achievement. I am an advocate as I am excited to be part of this culture change and want to share my passion with all staff and colleagues I meet.”

Elaine Stratford – Cancer Quality Assurance Manager
“Patients are at the heart of everything we do.. I hope that by being an advocate and in challenging and changing the culture together we can move our attention to why we are all here. 

Siobhàn Gordon – Quality Assurance Lead
“We all have a real opportunity to be part of something incredible. I absolutely believe that 4ward is right for this Trust and its great staff.  I very much want to be part of a team that promotes a positive culture and environment that allows all our staff to grow and develop to be the best they can be.”

Nicky Langford – Fundraising Officer
“The psychology of the 4ward programme makes perfect sense, and mostly it is all about common sense, basic courtesy and positive thinking.  I truly believe it will have a significant positive impact on the Trust; I will really enjoy being part of it as an advocate.  I can’t wait to see everyone getting swept along with it.”