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Registering and tracking improvement work

Thank you for telling us about your improvement project.  All improvement work that is taking place can now be registered, approved and tracked through the Improvement Tracker System (click here to open the QI tracker system). 

There are user guides available on the help section of the tracker or you can watch the training / system demo video below:

How does the tracker work?

  • Project lead completes the registration and submits it for approval.  We suggest that you search the tracker project list to see whether similar projects have been completed before you start to register your project work.
  • Once the improvement project has been approved, the project lead receives a confirmation email with a tracker project registration number 9you can search the tracker using this number).  
  • Following approval, the project lead goes into the tracker and opens the  “complete improvement project steps” section.  If you are unsure how to complete these steps, take a look at how others have done it, within the tracker.  Look for those with a gold star. 
  • Project lead then follows each of the suggested QI steps and updates the status drop-down (not started, in progress, completed).  Please note that some steps can be marked as “not required”.  
  • Project lead completes the work for each step, using the suggested QI tool (listed within each step).  Each step has a link to the QI tools page where you can scroll down to find the suggested named tool in the A-Z of QI tools section.
  • Project lead saves the completed QI tool and uploads it as evidence of completion of each QI step
  • As progress is made through each step, the project overview “percentage completion” section automatically updates.  
  • Once the project lead completes all QI steps (unless not required), the system automatically asks the project lead to complete a summary (abstract) of the project 
  • The project lead is prompted to upload a QI poster / QI presentation (if appropriate).  Please ask for help from the QI team to create posters as they will go on display. Templates are available on the A-Z section under P for poster. 
  • Once the abstract summary is completed, the QI team review the QI evidence uploaded into the tracker and upload a QI project certificate (as appropriate)
  • The project lead receives a notification email confirming that the certificate is ready for downloading.

Registering and tracking your improvement work through this system will ensure oversight of improvement work, consistency of QI process, shared learning and the ability to report on improvement projects that are taking place throughout the Organisation.  

If you need help to use any QI tools, please contact the QI team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your allocated QI coach.  If you would like to request a QI coach or QI facilitator, please contact the QI team on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Where possible, a named QI coach will be assigned. 

Please remember to refer to our QI tools page to learn more about the QI steps and what tools to use in order to increase the likelihood of sustained improvement.

We encourage all colleagues who are registering projects to undertake the 2-hour virtual bronze training before starting their project. See training section on this webpage. 

If you are unsure whether your project is a Quality Improvement project, please refer to the table below.

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