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Worcestershire Countywide COPD team

Mission statement

The COPD Team are committed to providing patient–centred, individual care for each patient referred to our services. The team will provide high-quality patient care and equip each individual with the skills they need to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing and gain confidence in self-management strategies.

The management team will encourage all staff to deliver a high-quality service through promoting a culture of support and development including an in service training (IST) and continuous professional development (CPD) programme.

The team will promote the organisations core 4ward behaviours, doing what we say we will do, no delays every day, we listen learn and lead, and we work together and celebrate together.

The team approach will always be professional, person-focused, caring and respectful and will follow trust policies and procedures including patient confidentiality, information governance, safeguarding and accountability. Feedback systems will be in place to allow staff to communicate positive and negative events and plan appropriate actions to continue to improve the service.


The COPD team is an MDT of Respiratory Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapists, a Psychological Therapist, British Lung Foundation Exercise Technicians and admin support.

Our aim is to improve the experience and outcomes of people living with COPD in Worcestershire across our pathways which include, pulmonary rehabilitation, symptom management, admission prevention, supported discharge and psychological support. We also off an in-reach service for patients who are admitted to hospital.

The service is integrative with GPs, community staff, social care providers, the secondary care respiratory team and the interface between hospital and home.

Our hours of service are Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), 8.30am – 4.30pm.

The team provides expert assessment and monitoring of COPD patients with core skills and competencies over and above generic care. All our clinicians are Advanced Practitioners with a number holding a Masters and/or a Non-Medical Prescribing qualification. These enable us to perform:

  • Respiratory, health and holistic assessment
  • Comprehensive patient assessment of physical and psychosocial impact of COPD
  • Spirometry interpretation
  • Non-pharmaceutical management
  • Pharmaceutical management
  • Capillary blood gas testing and analysis
  • Specialist oxygen assessment, prescription and delivery
  • Smoking cessation
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation (for COPD, ILD, bronchiectasis and some Asthmatic patients)
  • Individualised exercise prescription
  • Respiratory physiotherapy including but not exclusive: chest clearance, dysfunctional breathing
  • Psychological impacts of COPD

Pulmonary rehabilitation

This is a major part of our work and many patients with long-term respiratory conditions who attend a structured pulmonary rehabilitation programme can make significant improvements in walking distances, activities at home and in their general health status. Respiratory conditions that might make you suitable for PR are COPD, bronchiectasis, lung fibrosis. People who wish to attend PR need to be motivated and attend all classes to achieve the best possible results.

Classes are run by experienced healthcare workers, including qualified nurses, physiotherapists, and exercise therapists who will support patients with exercises tailored to their capability and general progression over 16 sessions.

In each group we aim, to have no more than 16 people who all have lung conditions and suffer from similar symptoms. During each session, participants will do about 45-60 minute of supervised exercise and then attend an education session. The education topics range from talking about ways to control your breathing, how to manage a flare-up of your lung condition, how to manage stress and anxiety and how best to take your inhalers.

We run courses at:

Batchley Community Centre, Redditch – Tues and Fri

Kidderminster Treatment Centre – Mon and Wed

Archdales 73 Club, Worcester – Tues and Fri

The Eden Centre Malvern – (2 courses a year) Mon and Thurs

Badsey Recreation Club, Evesham – (2 courses a year) Mon and Wed

We welcome enquiries and referrals from the Respiratory team, general practitioners, practice nurses, and all other healthcare professionals.

Contact Details:

COPD Team, 3 Kings Court, Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester, WR5 1DD

Phone: 01905 760023

Email: wah-tr.COPDTeam@nhs.net

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