Patients waiting over 12 weeks – we want to hear from you

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Patients who have been waiting for more than 12 weeks for an appointment or treatment at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust are being asked to complete a short survey as part of the continuing work being done to reduce delays caused by the pandemic.

This provides an opportunity for our patients to tell us about any changes in their condition and therefore help us to prioritise those in greatest need, as well as ensure that patients who no longer want or need treatment from us are removed from our waiting lists.

Patients will be contacted via text message or postal letter to obtain further information which will help the Trust to ensure waiting lists are up to date, and patients are prioritised and seen as soon as possible.

In the SMS text message, titled NHS WLV patients will receive a unique 4-digit PIN. Patients will be asked to enter the PIN and their date of birth so that they can log in and complete a short survey.

Patients who do not have a contact phone number registered with the Trust will receive a postal letter including a short survey.

We would like to assure patients that:

  • Our communication will only ever ask questions relating to your care
  • We will never ask for bank details or reference to money or payment
  • We will never ask you for your name or address, however you will be able to update your details if they are not correct
  • Our message will include a unique pin and we will ask you to input your date of birth only to log in
  • If you do not respond to the text message, we will write to you asking for completion of the paper survey
  • A business reply envelope will be included to allow the return of the survey without any cost to you. The return address will be Charles Hastings Way, Worcester this is where our team are collating your responses.