Worcestershire Royal Hospital Wards

Worcestershire Royal Hospital is made up of several buildings. Wards are located in the main hospital building and Aconbury East.

Visiting times

Visiting times vary from ward to ward as patients and staff in different specialties have different requirements and duties. There are special arrangements for maternity patients and their partners but extended families are asked to observe the official visiting times. Ward staff will always provide you with visiting times for your ward.

Arrangements can always be made for visitors travelling long distances or where it is difficult to see patients within the above times - please speak to your nurse about this.

The number of visitors allowed around a patient's bed at a time is usually no more than 2 people. This is to ensure patients do not become unduly tired and for health and safety reasons. It is sensible to avoid bringing young children into hospitals. Please discuss this with the ward staff. We do ask that visiting children are controlled to prevent disturbing other patients.

  • Please buzz for access to the ward and cleanse your hands with alcohol gel before being entering. 
  • Visiting is restricted to two people at a time.
  • We do not allow flowers on any of our wards due to the risk of infection.  
  • If you are feeling unwell we ask that you help to reduce the risk of infection to patients by staying away until you feel better.

Protected mealtimes

All non-urgent clinical activity stops during mealtimes to allow patients to eat their meals in a calm and relaxing environment without unnecessary interruption.

Please avoid visiting at mealtimes unless you would like to help your relative or friend with their meal. 



WardSpecialtyLocation      Telephone numberWard ManagerMatron
Accident and Emergency (A&E) Emergency medicine Woodland Level 2 01905 733453 Katie Tidmarsh
Donna Jeynes
Jennifer Harris
David Hornsby
Aconbury 1 Elective Surgery Aconbury East, 2nd Floor 01905 760017 Cearann Reen Amy Read
Aconbury 2 General Medicine Aconbury East, 2nd Floor 01905 763333   Vikki Aston
Aconbury 3 Renal Medicine Aconbury East, 3rd Floor 01905 763333 Clarissa Marquez Vikki Aston
Aconbury 4 Gastroenterology Aconbury East, 3rd Floor 01905 760133 Rebecca Stevens Vikki Aston
Acute Respiratory Unit Respiratory  River Level 0 01905 760563 Mini Isac Clare Alexander
Acute Stroke Unit Stroke Woodland Level 2 01905 760771

Jacky Humphries

Gill Joseph

Juliet Hawkesford-Barnes 
Antenatal clinic Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760573 Sharon Sarkar Louise Turbutt 
Avon 2 Elderly Care River Level 0 01905 733068 Vandna Dube Juliet Hawkesford-Barnes
Avon 3 Diabetes, renal medicine, infectious... River Level 0 01905 760597 Natalie Hart Juliet Hawkesford-Barnes
Avon 4 Elderly care Aconbury West 01905 733782 Jo Cronin Patience Ngundu
Beech A General surgery Woodland Level 2 01905 760267 Mhairi McPhail Julie Webb
Beech B  General surgery/Gyane Woodland Level 2 01905 760889 / 760567 Sara Candlin Julie Webb
Cardiac Catheter Lab Cardiology Woodland Level 2  01905  733205 Sarah Grave Clare Alexander 
Discharge Lounge Medicine Aconbury North 01905 733462 Melody Hancock Juliet Hawkesford-Barnes
Endoscopy Endoscopy Woodland Level 2 01905 760856 Aireen Jalipa  
Evergreen ward  Medicine Aconbury North, 1st Floor 01905 761494 Vicky Bosworth  Patience Ngundu
Emergency Gynaecology Assessment Unit (EPAU) Gynaecology Meadow Level 1 01905 761489   Lyn Saunders
Hazel Head and Neck Head & Neck /ENT/Max Fax Woodland Level 2 01905 760545

Rebecca Morgan

Rachel Harris
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Critical care Woodland Level 2  01905 760598

Andrea Carn
Sally Rudge
Amanda Portman
Tracey Stone
Donna Bagnall
Julie Sharpe

Shelley Goodyear
Laurel 1 Cardiology Meadow Level 1  01905 760591 Kelly Fee Clare Alexander
Laurel 2 Oncology Meadow Level 1 01905 760265 Laura Meredith Mark Squire
Laurel 3 Haematology Meadow Level 1 01905 760568 Richard Newman Mark Squire
Laurel Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Cardiology Meadow Level 1 01905 760561 Kelly Fee Clare Alexander
Lavender Antenatal Ward Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 763333 Tracey Marsh Melanie Hurdman
Lavender Day Assessment Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760594 Sharon Sarkar  Louise Turbutt
Lavender Delivery Suite Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760571 Pam Jones Melanie Hurdman
Lavender Postnatal Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760570 Sara Pain  Melanie Hurdman
Lavender Transitional Care Unit (TCU) Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760663 Anya Wright  Lara Greenway
Lavender Triage Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 733196 Tracey Marsh  Melanie Hurdman
Meadow Birth Centre Maternity Meadow Level 1 01905 760333 ext 30075 Judy Lane Louise Turbutt
Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) Medical assessment Woodland Level 2 01905 733001   Donna Macklin
Medical High Care and Short Stay Unit Medical assessment   01905 760537 Cassie Broughton Donna Macklin
Neonatal Unit Neonatal care River Level 0  01905 760661  Anya Wright Lara Greenway
Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Aconbury West 01905 760422 / 760423  Lucy Waldock
Tracey Jones
Sarah Ruck
Rowan Suite Oncology/Haematology Woodland Level 2 01905 733023 Deborah Roadknight  
Rheumatology Rheumatology Aconbury West 01905 760333  Angelita Lord  
Riverbank Paediatrics Children and young people River Level 0 01905 760588 Becky Magan Dana Picken 
Surgical Clincial Decisions Unit (SCDU) General Surgery Woodland Level 2 01905 760566 Kathy Taylor Julie Webb
Surgical High Care General Surgery Woodland Level 2 01905 760593 Mhairi McPhail  Amy Read
Trauma and Orthopaedics Trauma and elective orthopaedics Woodland Level 2 01905 733589 Sue Blackburn Amy Read
 Hazel Vascular Vascular Woodland Level 2 01905 733073  Rebecca Morgan Rachel Harris
Vascular HDU Vascular Woodland Level 2 01905 733479 Rebecca Morgan Rachel Harris