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Find your way around Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Worcestershire Royal Hospital is made up of several buildings. The main ones for patients and visitors are:

  • Main Building
  • Aconbury East
  • Aconbury West
  • Worcestershire Oncology Centre
  • Charles Hastings Education Centre 
  • Worcestershire Breast Unit

The main hospital is on four levels: River Level (Level 0), Meadow Level (Level 1), Woodland Level (Level 2) and Sky Level (Level 3). Wards, clinics and other patient facilities are on levels 0, 1 and 2. Sky Level (3) is office accommodation only.

The main entrance is at the front of the hospital and opens onto Meadow Level (Level 1) due to the nature of the site (The hospital is built on the side of a hill which means that there are also 'ground level' entrances to Accident and Emergency which is on Level 2 and River Level (Level 0).

Access to Avon 5 via the new link bridge

  • Visitors can access Avon 5 via the new link bridge which connects the main hospital to Aconbury East. The entrance to the link bridge can be found at the Operating Theatres lift entrance (lift 2a / 2b), Level 2 (Woodland Level). Watch a short video on how to access the link bridge here. 

pdf Worcestershire Royal Hospital - finding your way around (4.40 MB)

WRH map Feb2019


Aconbury East and West are separate from the main hospital building.

Aconbury West is an integral part of the hospital. The first floor has accommodation for the Woodside Suite, Orthotics, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language therapy, Occupational therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics and the Diabetes Centre.

The ground floor house the Ophthalmology (eye) department and the Highfield Rheumatology Unit.

Charles Hastings Education Centre

More information is available from The Charles Hastings Education Centre (CHEC) website.

wrh chec

The George Marshall Medical Museum is situated on the ground floor of the Centre.

More information about the museum is available from http://www.medicalmuseum.org.uk/.

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