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Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre Wards

Ward 17 11 15 133

Kidderminster Hospital is made up of several blocks. The three main ones for patients and visitors are the Treatment Centre, A Block and C Block. 

Visit our finding your way around page for a map of the hospital.

Visiting times

Visiting times vary from ward to ward as patients and staff in different specialties have different requirements and duties. There are special arrangements for maternity patients and their partners but extended families are asked to observe the official visiting times. Ward staff will always provide you with visiting times for your ward.

Arrangements can always be made for visitors travelling long distances or where it is difficult to see patients within the above times - please speak to your nurse about this.

The number of visitors allowed around a patient's bed at a time is usually no more than 2 people. This is to ensure patients do not become unduly tired and for health and safety reasons. It is sensible to avoid bringing young children into hospitals. Please discuss this with the ward staff. We do ask that visiting children are controlled to prevent disturbing other patients.

  • Please buzz for access to the ward and cleanse your hands with alcohol gel before being entering. 
  • Visiting is restricted to two people at a time.
  • We do not allow flowers on any of our wards due to the risk of infection.  
  • If you are feeling unwell we ask that you help to reduce the risk of infection to patients by staying away until you feel better.

Protected mealtimes

All non-urgent clinical activity stops during mealtimes to allow patients to eat their meals in a calm and relaxing environment without unnecessary interruption.

Please avoid visiting at mealtimes unless you would like to help your relative or friend with their meal. 


WardServiceLocationTelephone numberWard ManagerMatron
Antenatal Women and Children Level 2, Treatment Centre 01562 823424 ext 55432  Karen Chapman Louise Turbutt
Audiology Audiology Level 1, Treatment Centre 01562 826323 / 862324  Melanie Collins  
Breast Screening Women's Health Level 1, Treatment Centre 01562 823424     
Cardiac rehabilitation Cardiology Level 1, C Block 01562 823424     
Endoscopy Endoscopy Level 1, Treatment Centre 01562 826328 Debbie Hathaway

Lydia Watkins

Fred Holland Diabetic Centre Diabetes Level 1, A Block 01562 513239    
Gynaecology Women's Health Level 2, Treatment Centre 01562 823424 ext 55432 Rachel Palfreyman Lyn Saunders
Millbrook Suite Haematology and oncology Level 1, C Block  01562 513093 Sue Hoskin

Mark Squire

Minor Injury Unit (MIU) Medicine Ground floor, Treatment Centre 01562 513039   Sally Bloomer
Occupational Health Occupational Therapy Level 3, C Block 01905 760693    
Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Level 1, Treatment Centre 01562 513083 Tracey Jones

Susanna Hicks

Oral Facial Dental Level 1, Ground Floor 01562 823424    
Orthodontics Dental Level 1, Ground Floor 01562 823424     
Outpatient department Outpatients Level 1, Treatment Centre  01562 512312

Rachel Palfreyman

Lydia Watkins

Phlebotomy Blood Tests Level 1, Treatment Centre

To book a Phlebotomy appointment at Kidderminster Treatment Centre, please call:

01562 513047

Please call between 9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Level 2, C Block 01562 513066     Kate Harris
Podiatry Foot Clinic Level 1, A Block 01562 514563     
Renal Dialysis Unit Renal dialysis Level 1, Treatment Centre  01562 826370 Clarisa Marquez Vikki Aston
Retinal Screening Ophthalmology Level 1, C Block 01562 823424     
Ward 1 Day case surgery Level 2, Treatment Centre 01562 512356 Tammie Mason 

Susanna Hicks

Wyre Forest Community Unit Rehabilitation Ground floor, Robertson Centre 01562 826333    
X-Ray Radiology Level 1, Treatment Centre 01562 823424  Marisa Roberson