Alexandra Hospital Wards

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Visiting times

Visiting times vary from ward to ward as patients and staff in different specialties have different requirements and duties. There are special arrangements for maternity patients and their partners but extended families are asked to observe the official visiting times. Ward staff will always provide you with visiting times for your ward.

Arrangements can always be made for visitors travelling long distances or where it is difficult to see patients within the above times - please speak to your nurse about this.

The number of visitors allowed around a patient's bed at a time is usually no more than 2 people. This is to ensure patients do not become unduly tired and for health and safety reasons. It is sensible to avoid bringing young children into hospitals. Please discuss this with the ward staff. We do ask that visiting children are controlled to prevent disturbing other patients.

  • Please buzz for access to the ward and cleanse your hands with alcohol gel before being entering. 
  • Visiting is restricted to two people at a time.
  • We do not allow flowers on any of our wards due to the risk of infection.  
  • If you are feeling unwell we ask that you help to reduce the risk of infection to patients by staying away until you feel better.

Protected mealtimes

All non-urgent clinical activity stops during mealtimes to allow patients to eat their meals in a calm and relaxing environment without unnecessary interruption.

Please avoid visiting at mealtimes unless you would like to help your relative or friend with their meal. 

Ward ManagerMatron
Accident and Emergency (A&E) Emergency medicine Ground floor   01527 512030

Debbie Godfrey
Amy o’Hare
Michelle Shephard
Jen Wood
Ashley Lambert

Marc Tarrant          
Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) Emergency Medicine Ground floor 01527 512100 Paula Andrews Emma Welch
Antenatal Clinic Maternity outpatients Ground floor         01527 512004 Lisa Gardner Louise Turbutt
Birch Day Unit (Ward 9) Day case First floor 01527 512170   Michelle Medhurst Helen Pulis
Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Cardiology Ground floor                   01527 512054 Jo Neilson Jane Rutter
Discharge Lounge   Ground floor 01527 503030  ext. 47998                     
Endoscopy Endoscopy First floor 01527 502013

Marek Waliszewski

Lydia Watkins

Frailty Assessment Unit (FAU) Emergency Medicine Ground Floor 01527 512102 Kayleigh Madden Kirsty Stanton
Garden Suite Chemotherapy Outpatients First floor 01527 512092 Michelle Chester                                    
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Critical Care First floor 01527 512090

Donna Bagnall
Julie Share
Andrea Carn
Sally Rudge
Amanda Portman
Samantha Armstrong

Shelley Goodyear                        
Ophthalmology Ophthalmology First floor  01527 507915 Lucy Waldock Susanna Hicks
Orthopaedic Centre Orthopaedics Ground floor   01527 504160 Rebecca Carter Reena Rane
Outpatients Department Outpatients Ground floor             Call main switchboard 
ext. 44059
Claire Southwell  Lydia Watkins
Children's Clinic Children and Young People Ground floor 01527 502758    
Ward 1 Medicine Ground floor Call main switchboard  Elaine Moreton Kirsty Stanton
Ward 2 Medicine Ground floor 01527 503822 Donna Cremin Kirsty Stanton
Ward 3 (MAU) Medical Assessment Unit Ground floor 01527 512091 Esky Wood Emma Welch
Ward 4 Emergency Medicine Ground floor Call main switchboard  Chloe Hartles Emma Welch
Ward 5 Respiratory Ground floor 01527 512098 Lisa Walker Marion Freeman
Ward 6 Cardiology Ground floor 01527 512109 Catherine Reid Marion Freeman
Ward 10 (Temporarily Closed)   First floor      
Ward 11 Medicine/Frailty First floor 01527 505786 Claire Townsend Kirsty Stanton
Ward 12 Medicine/Frailty First floor 01527 512097 Gincy John Kirsty Stanton
Ward 14 Elective Orthopaedics First floor 01527 507967 Karen McDonnell Reena Rane

Ward 16

Trauma and Orthopaedics First floor 01527 512104 Jenny Sampson Reena Rane
Ward 17 Trauma First floor 01527 512046   Reena Rane
Ward 18 Elective Care First floor 01527 512106 Shelly Hall Helen Pulis