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If you need to come to one of our hospitals for treatment, we’ll work hard to make sure you get the best, safest care.

That includes doing everything we can to help you get back home, or the place you call home, as quickly as possible.

Even if you need urgent care, we will try to give you the tests and treatment you need on the day you arrive, or give you a convenient appointment to come back, so you won’t need an overnight stay – this is what we call Same Day Emergency Care.

If you do need to stay with us, then we’ll want to start planning for you to go home from when you arrive – because we know that keeping you in a hospital bed when you don’t need to be in one can actually slow down your recovery. It’s also important to us that we have our beds available for patients who really need them.

HomeFirst Worcestershire is all about putting patients first. The other pages in the HomeFirst side menu explain more about what we’re doing and the difference it’s making for our patients.

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