Vascular Services

Severn Unit and Richard Downing

The Worcestershire and Herefordshire vascular unit provides an emergency and elective service for people with arterial and venous disease.

Artery problems commonly treated include abdominal aortic aneurysms, limb ischemia (artery blockage causing reduced blood supply, usually to the leg) and surgery for carotid artery stenosis (narrowing) to prevent stroke.

Venous disorders include varicose veins and their complications and complex deep venous thrombosis.

We provide 24 hour consultant vascular surgeon cover.

All major arterial interventions are carried out in the specialist centre at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. In addition, outpatient clinics and vascular laboratory services are carried out in Hereford, Redditch, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Malvern and Evesham. Day-case procedures are peformed in Kidderminster, Redditch and Hereford. The Vascular Unit has a dedicated Vascular Laboratory, Vascular Ward, High Dependency Unit, Operating Theatre and Interventional Radiology Suite.

Six consultant vascular surgeons are supported by surgical trainees, a consultant nurse, leg ulcer specialists, podiatrists, clinical vascular scientists, specialist ward nurses, anaesthetists, interventional radiologists and a visiting consultant in rehabilitation medicine.

Emergency and elective aortic aneurysms are treated by open and endovascular techniques. Aneurysm surgery is performed to prevent rupture and death by bleeding, or to repair the aneurysm after rupture.. We are one of the busiest units in the country for aneurysm repair.

Leg revascularization is treated by angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery. Legs are sometimes revascularized to improve walking but usually to prevent amputation

Carotid artery disease is treated by surgical carotid endarterectomy to prevent stroke.

All the above procedures are entered into the National Vascular Registry and we are proud that our outcomes compare very favourably with other centres.

Varicose veins are assessed with duplex ultrasound and treated by endothermal ablation (endovenous laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation), ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy or open surgery.

Meet the team

Meet the Vascular Servces team

Consultant Vascular Surgeons

Mr. Amarjit Atwal - secretary 01905 760874 or 01432 364130 (Hereford)

Prof. Richard Downing 01905 760725

Mr. Stephen Goodyear 01905 760525

Mr. Eric Grocott 01905 760874 or 01432 364130 (Hereford)

Mr. Nicholas Hickey 01905 760714 or 01684 612644 (Malvern)

Mr Isaac Nyamekye 01905 760752 or 01386 502429 (Evesham)

EVRA panel

Clinical and islet laboratory research programmes have produced award-winning presentations at national scientific meetings and papers published in learned journals.

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We offer an AAA screening programme for men during the year they turn 65. If you’d like to be screened, please go to the AAA screening programme for more detail.

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