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Neonatal Unit

Postnatal family

Our Trust offers a Local Neonatal Unit at our Worcester Royal site. We accept babies from 28 weeks gestation and above. Your baby may be cared for in the neonatal unit if they require intensive/high dependency care.

The unit is staffed by doctors, specialist nurses including neonatal and children's nurses, midwives, nursery nurses and health care assistants. They are all there to support you and your baby during your stay on the unit.

The length of time your baby will spend on the unit could be anything from a few days to a few months. We will always keep you informed of your baby's progress and encourage you to help with all aspects of your baby's care.

Please keep siblings at home if they have a cough, cold or sore throat in order to reduce the risk of infection on the unit.

Our aim is to deliver family centred care and encourage parents to be involved in all aspects of their baby’s care during their stay on the Neonatal Unit.

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Meet the Neonatal Unit team

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