About the Quality Improvement Team


Welcome to the Quality Improvement Faculty. If you want to contact the Improvement team, please use: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can follow us on Twitter @qualitywaht - Or you can join our Facebook Group, just search for “Quality Improvement Chat at WAHT”

On this webpage you will find a menu on the left to help with the following:

  • How to register and track improvements using the Improvement Tracker
  • A range of QI tools and techniques, along with the Trust’s QI framework 
  • How to book a place on a range of QI training courses
  • Some useful links and support 
  • QI news and updates (to be updated quarterly)
  • Your local QI support and Divisional Advisors (currently under development)
  • A QI poster / publications Library (currently under development)
  • The QI reading room (currently under development)

For an introduction to Quality Improvement, please read below.

About the Quality Improvement Team:

The Quality Improvement Team provides training, facilitation, advice, coaching, leadership and project management to support the organisation's transformative agenda

To contact the team:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qualitywaht

Phone: Ext 38326

Marsha Jones – Head of Improvement

Heather Warner – Improvement Lead

Jenny Garside –Clinical Services Improvement Lead (Frailty)

Leah Richards – Support Officer

About the Quality Improvement Faculty

The Faculty is the “go to” place for resources to support Quality Improvement.

The Faculty consists of:

  • Access to expert knowledge from the QI team
  • Access to a website of tools and techniques
  • Access to NHSI QI learning material
  • Access to QI training on-line training
  • Access to classroom training
  • Access to QI support before, during and after specific quality improvement projects

The faculty aim is to encourage and empower staff, at all levels, to test and implement positive changes within their service areas in order to deliver the highest quality of care to patients.

The QI Faculty mission:

To generate a Quality Improvement (QI) movement, which empowers and encourages teams and individuals to implement innovative and positive changes within their service areas – to build upon innovative ideas and to improve outcomes for the population we serve.

The QI Faculty vision:

To work together and collaborate with all our stakeholders, including patients, carers and third sector partners, to ensure that we provide care that is ‘STEEPE’ -  Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Person-Centred and Equitable.

The QI Faculty promise:

We will provide training, facilitation, coaching and leadership in Quality Improvement (QI) – to enable you to focus on, initiate and lead quality improvement project(s) of your own. We promise to provide a supportive network which encourages problem solving, creative thinking, embraces positivity, showcases/celebrates QI achievements and inspires everyone to join the QI movement.