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pdf Agenda (public) September 2018 Popular

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Agenda (public) 0918 final.pdf

pdf Enc B Public Trust Board minutes 170718 final Popular

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Enc B Public Trust Board minutes 170718 final.pdf

pdf Enc B2 Action schedule 0918 Popular

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Enc B2 Action schedule 0918.pdf

pdf Enc C1 Chairman report 0918 Popular

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Enc C1 Chairman report 0918.pdf

pdf Enc C2 CEO report 0918 final Popular

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Enc C2 CEO report 0918 final.pdf

pdf Enc D IPR (full) 0918 Popular

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Enc D IPR (full) 0918.pdf

pdf Enc E1 BAF (full) 0918 Popular

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Enc E1 BAF (full) 0918.pdf

pdf Enc F1 learning from deaths 0918 Popular

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Enc F1 learning from deaths 0918.pdf

pdf Enc F2 SS 0918 Popular

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Enc F2 SS 0918.pdf

pdf Enc F3 winter plan (full) 0918 Popular

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Enc F3 winter plan (full) 0918.pdf

pdf Enc F4 EPRR 0918 Popular

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Enc F4 EPRR 0918.pdf

pdf Enc G1 A&A report 0918 Popular

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Enc G1 A&A report 0918.pdf

pdf Enc G2 P&C committee report (full) 0918 Popular

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Enc G2 P&C committee report (full) 0918.pdf

pdf Enc H1 Equality (full) 0918 Popular

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Enc H1 Equality (full) 0918.pdf

4ward is our Trustwide culture change programme which is helping us build a more positive, supportive workplace for the benefit of our patients and colleagues. At its heart are our four 4ward Behaviours.