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pdf Active cycle of breathing techniques (ACBT) Popular

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WAHT-P~2 (9).pdf

pdf Acute Pain leaflet (and Patient Satisfaction Questions) Popular

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WAHT-PI-0570 acute pain leaflet.pdf

pdf Adenoidectomy - Information for parents Popular

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WAHT-PI-0719 Adenoidectomy - for parents.pdf

pdf Adult Oral Suction (Yankeur/ soft catheter) Popular

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WAHT-PI-0689 adult oral suction.pdf

pdf Advanced hip exercises Popular

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WAHT-PI-0533 advanced hip exercises.pdf

pdf Advice and exercises following Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) Popular

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WAHT-P~1 (6).pdf

pdf Advice and exercises following neck dissection/ major head and neck surgery Popular

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WAHT-P~2 (10).pdf

pdf Advice for Managing Spinal Braces in the Community

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WAHT-P~1 (25).pdf

pdf Advice for patients having Eye Shields Popular

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WAHT-P~2 (1).pdf

pdf After your Caesarean section Popular

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WAHT-PI-0005 after your caesarean section.pdf

pdf After your Epidural/ Spinal Anaesthetic Popular

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WAHT-PI-0791 after your epidural spinal anaesthetic.pdf

pdf Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Eye Injections Popular

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WAHT-PI-0687 AMD.pdf

pdf Alcohol and smoking advice Popular

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WAHT-PI-0032 alcohol and smoking advice.pdf

pdf Anaesthetic Information for Pregnant Women with a High Body Mass Index Popular

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WAHT-PI-0810 anaesthetic info for pregnant women with a high BMI.pdf

pdf Angioplasty and Stenting Popular

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WAHT-PI-0828 Angioplasty and stenting.pdf

pdf Aphasia Popular

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WAHT-PI-0522 aphasia.pdf

pdf Atrial Fibrillation ablation information sheet Popular

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WAHT-PI-0713 AF ablation info sheet.pdf

pdf Autogenic drainage Popular

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WAHT-PI-0540 autogenic drainage.pdf

pdf Babies who may be at risk of Group B Streptococcus infection Popular

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WAHT-P~2 (4).pdf

pdf Bereavement support following the death of your baby Popular

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WAHT-P~1 (10).pdf