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Infection Screening (including COVID-19)

You will need to be tested for various infections before admission for surgery

  • MRSA: swabs will be taken from the nose and groin. You will be contacted if MRSA is found. If you do have MRSA please do not worry, it usually does not cause too much of a problem. You might need some body wash treatment and retesting. This will be explained to you.
  • COVID-19: During the pandemic, patients are asked to have a COVID PCR swab 3 days before their operation. Following this swab, it is important to maintain strict social isolation. Some patients may need to isolate for longer if they are vulnerable. Please ask the pre-op team or your surgeon for more details.
  • CPE screening: If you have been admitted to another Trust within 12 months of surgery you may need to complete CPE screening. This is usually three stool samples (or one rectal swab and two stool samples). More details will be provided by the pre-op team. The results can take several days to be available so it is vital that we receive the samples well before your surgery.