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Pathology - Samples

There are a number of factors involved in ensuring the correct result is obtained with any sample. Most of these are controlled in a number of ways by the laboratory itself but you as a patient can help by ensuring that if you are delivering a sample yourself that it has a fully completed request form with it and that your sample is properly and clearly labelled, that you follow any instructions given to you about preparing yourself for the test and by following any instructions given to you at the time of the test.

It will be quite rare for you to have to deliver a sample yourself to one of our hospitals as these are normally collected from GP surgeries. The exception to this is for semen samples which must be delivered to the pathology department at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

If you do need to deliver a sample to the laboratory they are situated:

Worcestershire Royal Hospital  River Level Go down the stairs opposite the main entrance and turn left at the bottom of the stairs and along a short corridor where you will find pathology reception on your right after about 30 yards
Alexandra Hospital Level 1 To the left of the building as you approach the main entrance. Enter by the main entrance and past the coffee shop before turning left onto the main corridor. Go towards the end of the corridor and take one of the flights of stairs to the first floor. Again continue to the end of the corridor and turn right. At the end of that corridor there is a locked door with a telephone beside it with a list of numbers to phone