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Your Pain Clinic Appointment

You have been referred to Pain Services provided by the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust because your pain is interfering with your daily activities and quality of life. Persistent pain can be very troublesome and disabling.

This is a Countywide Service with outpatient assessment clinics held at:

  •             Evesham Community Hospital
  •             Kidderminster Treatment Centre
  •             Malvern Community Hospital
  •             Worcestershire Royal Hospital

You will usually be sent an appointment at your nearest hospital or the one with the shortest waiting list. A couple of questionnaires will be enclosed with your appointment letter to complete before attending. Please do complete these as near to your appointment as you can and bring them with you. There are no right or wrong answers but your answers assist the team in assessing your pain and how it affects you. Please bring a list of your current medication to your appointment.

The Outpatient assessment clinics are run by the Persistent Pain Multi-disciplinary team usually comprising of:

  • The Consultant in Pain Management and Anaesthesia
  • Pain Nurse Specialist 
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Specialist
  • Psychologist

Any member of the Team may assess you and your pain and how it impacts on your life. Sometimes you may be seen by more than one professional. You may need to be examined depending on your pain problem so please bring a pair of shorts or wear suitable clothing.

Your Pain specialist will discuss which management option(s) will be helpful in your case and together you will agree a Pain Management plan for you and your GP to follow together. The whole process can take up to two hours so please allow time for this and bring something to read.

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Evesham Community Hospital

Outpatient clinics are held in Savery Outpatients.

Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre

Outpatient clinics are held in the main outpatient department.

Malvern Community Hospital

Outpatient clinics are held in the main outpatient department.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Outpatient clinics are held in Sorrell Suite in the main entrance of the hospital.

General Information

NHS travel Costs:

You may be entitled to receive help with healthcare travel costs. For more information please view http://www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/Healthcosts/pages/Travelcosts.aspx or alternatively contact the cashier at the hospital for advice.

NHS Constitution

The NHS constitution gives patients the right to access services within maximum waiting times (18 weeks), or for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer you a range of suitable alternative treatment providers if this is not possible. If you have a query regarding your waiting time, please telephone 03001231522.

Copy letters

Patients are entitled to receive a copy of all communication between the hospital and your GP. If you would like to automatically receive copies of letters, please let the receptionist or medical secretary know.

Hospital Transport

Hospital transport is only provided to patients who are unable to travel by public transport or a domestic car. If transport is required and you meet the medical criteria for this, please phone the Ambulance Booking Officer on 0121 307 9116. Please note that several patients may be travelling together which may lengthen your journey.  If you have concerns regarding this please let us know when booking your transport.

Special Needs

If you have any special needs such as partial sight or a signing/language interpreter, please contact the relevant telephone number above.

Non-attendance or cancelled appointments

Please note that if you fail to attend an agreed appointment/ admission, or if you cancel two or more agreed appointments/ admission dates, you may not be offered further dates.

Teaching Trust

We are proud to be one of the teaching Trusts delivering training to students from medical schools and universities across the region. This means, if you agree, a student may be present with your doctor or Health Professional during your consultation. You have a right to decline, without any impact on your care. We thank all our patients in anticipation of your support for the training and development of our future doctors and health professionals.

4ward is our Trustwide culture change programme which is helping us build a more positive, supportive workplace for the benefit of our patients and colleagues. At its heart are our four 4ward Behaviours.