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Trust Board Meetings 2017

Wednesday 11 January    Alexandra Hospital
Board Room
January Trust Board papers
Private Agenda
Wednesday 1 March Alexandra Hospital
Board Room
March Trust Board Papers
Wednesday 3 May Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre
Room 1

May Trust Board Papers

Additional Papers:



Wednesday 5 July Kidderminster Treatment Centre 
Room 1 and 2 

pdf July Trust Board Papers (7.51 MB)

Additional Papers:

Enc E1

Enc G1

Enc H2


Monday 11 September 


Charles Hastings Education Centre 

AGM Agenda 

AGM Minutes

  pdf Annual Report (1.48 MB)

  pdf Quality Account (1.61 MB)

  pdf Annual Accounts (931 KB)

  pdf AGM Presentation (1.71 MB)

A year in numbers 

Thursday 14 September     Alexandra Hospital
Board Room

  pdf Agenda (373 KB)

  pdf Enc A&B (799 KB)

  pdf Enc C (915 KB)

  pdf Enc D (976 KB)

  pdf Enc E (4.61 MB)

  pdf Enc F (5.28 MB)

  pdf Enc G (1.72 MB)

  pdf Enc H (2.14 MB)

  pdf Enc I (5.33 MB)

Thursday 9 November     MDT Meeting Room, Ground Floor, Kings Court,
Worcestershire Royal Hospital

  pdf Agenda (1.52 MB)

  pdf Enc A (334 KB)

  pdf Encs A B & C (714 KB)

  pdf Enc D (3.74 MB)

  pdf Enc E (2.21 MB)

  pdf Enc F (3.08 MB)

  pdf Enc G & H (2.71 MB)

  pdf Enc I (2.49 MB)