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Corporate Information

Our vision

Working in partnership to provide the best healthcare for communities, leading and supporting our teams to move 4ward.
pyramid March 2022

Our 4ward Behaviours

All staff across the Trust are asked to adhere to our 4ward Behaviours. These are the heart of our 4ward programme -  a long-term, far-reaching initiative which aims to help colleagues across our Trust collectively work together, as we tackle the challenges we face and make the most of the opportunities that the future will bring.

Our focus going 4ward is twofold. We want to transform our culture whilst at the same time improving our performance across the whole of Trust, particularly around our wide-ranging quality improvement programme, improving the flow for patients who attend our Emergency Departments, our preparations for winter and our efforts to achieve financial stability.

Our aim is to have all our staff positively demonstrating these behaviours and working together to achieve our shared goals. 

Making the Trust a better place for our staff, our patients and our local community is the ultimate goal of 4ward, so we want everyone to focus on how we behave, what we deliver and create a culture we can all be proud of.

Our Annual Plan 2019/20

This document sets out our strategy for the organisation, something which has been lacking for a number of years, and signals a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to planning and delivery. Our Trust Strategy symbolises an organisation that is confident about the future and clear about its purpose; Putting Patients First.

pdf Annual Plan 2019/20 (2.55 MB)

Our Quality Improvement Strategy

In April 2018 we formalised the Trust's Quality Improvement Strategy. This strategy, and the plans which underpin it, mark an important step forward for our Trust. They have been drawn up with input from our staff, patients, carers and other key stakeholders and reflect some of the things which matter most to those important groups.

They set out our ambitious plans over the next three years to deliver sustained, significant and continuous improvements to the quality and safety of the care we provide for our patients.

In keeping with our signature behaviour, we aim to “do what we say we will do” and use the ambitions and actions set out in these plans to reinforce quality and safety as the prime drivers of everything we do.

Having focussed considerable time and effort on delivering some immediate improvements and tackling some of our most urgent quality and safety issues, we are now seeking to move from a short term, reactive approach to quality and safety to a more comprehensive, strategic approach.

This approach will help to make a real difference for the better for our patients and support our staff in their efforts to deliver the high standards of care to which they aspire.

Whether you are a patient, carer, member of staff or anyone else with an interest in the quality and safety of local health care, we hope you will find a clear statement of our intent, a strong commitment to continual improvement and a realistic and easy to follow route map of the next stages of our improvement journey.

Download and read the pdf Quality Improvement Strategy here (3.63 MB) or by clicking on the image below.

Supporting Plans

There are three focussed plans to support the Quality Improvement Strategy. You can read these below:


We have also produced a video, explaining the Quality Improvement Strategy, which you can watch below.

People and Culture Strategy

  pdf Download our People and Culture Strategy. (2.72 MB)