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Endometriosis and pelvic pain service

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is registered and accredited with the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE).  

Strict criteria are set by the BSGE and it allows us to provide expertise and care for patients with some of the most complex deep infiltrating endometriosis cases.

All our cases of severe endometriosis are entered into the national database (anonymously) which allows us to keep up to date with national and world standards. The aim of the BSGE is to improve treatment for all patients with endometriosis and we are extremely proud to have accreditation.

We are a multidisciplinary team working closely with colorectal, urology, pain management, radiology and physiotherapy. Providing high-quality, patient-centred care delivered with compassion and understanding allowing us to put the patient at the centre of care.

Meet The Team

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Top row: (left to right) Jon Hughes, Donna Ghosh, Angus Thomson
Bottom row: (left to right) Corinne Shore, Abby Bearcroft.

Outpatient appointments: Video consultations

We are now offering video consultations to some of our patients. The decision to offer this type of appointment will be made by a medical professional depending on your individual care needs.

Video consultations are easy to use and are often more convenient – saving you time and money.

NHS Attend Anywhere is a secure system for patients with pre-arranged video consultation appointments.

You can use the platform on any PC, Mac or iOS/Android device, using Google Chrome (for PC/Mac/Android devices) or Safari (For iOS devices and Macs).

How Does it Work?

Attend Anywhere is a secure NHS video call service for patients with pre-arranged appointment times only.

If you are due to have a video consultation, we will schedule your appointment as normal and send you the details of the appointment date and time. Before your appointment, please test your equipment.

Test your equipment

Find out more about how your consultation will work:

Information leaflets/troubleshooting guide

Attending your appointment

We will schedule your appointment as normal and write to you to confirm the details of the date and time. But instead of traveling to your appointment, you will get a link to an online clinic.

Five minutes before your appointment time, go to the general waiting room that has been given to you in your confirmation letter. Having entered the waiting room, you will be taken through a series of steps to ensure that your equipment is set up correctly. Once the steps have been completed, you will be prompted to enter your name and telephone number and accept the terms and conditions. This information is not stored beyond the length of the video call.

Once these steps have been followed, click on the 'Start Call' button and you will enter the waiting room. You will see yourself on the video and hear music. The waiting room is private and you will not see other patients.

In the waiting room area, you will be met by a Receptionist who will confirm your details and transfer you to see a Clinician. Your clinician will be notified when you arrive, and they will join you as soon as they are ready

When the appointment is ready to begin, your image will shrink and move to the corner of the screen and you will see your clinician. The video call is free (except your internet usage charge) and data is not used whilst you are in the waiting room.

Waiting Rooms

Please only access the waiting room that you have been told to enter on your confirmation letter.

Please click the waiting room you are attending from the list below:




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Mindfulness tips for working from home

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How To Play The Laughing Game
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30 Day Song Challenge

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 Printable version: 30 Day Song Challange 

How about starting a 30 days song challenge in your team? This can be particularly helpful if teams are not currently working together. Collate the songs on a streaming service, such as Spotify, where you can share the link. This can be a good conversation starter, can provide the opportunity to check in with staff on a more informal basis and...it's fun!

Pictionary With Zoom's Whiteboard Feature

Zoom has a whiteboard sharing feature that is just perfect for playing Pictionary with your friends. You can play with the actual game or make up your own prompts. To use it, you'll need to make sure you have at least a 3.5.1 or higher of the Zoom desktop client for PC or 3.5.2 for Mac. If you are using your iPad, you'll need a 2.5.3 or higher.

To use Zoom's whiteboard, you'll want to click the share screen button located in your meeting toolbar, select the whiteboard, and click share. You should then see annotation tools that will let you use your mouse to draw as you would for Pictionary. You can take turns sharing the screen's whiteboard depending on who's turn it is, and you can put some in charge of keeping time for the person who is drawing.


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