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document EDS 2 Action Plan June 2015 end of plan review Popular

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Download (doc, 83 KB)

EDS 2 Action Plan June 2015 end of plan review.doc

document EDS Self Assessment April 2016 Popular

By 194 downloads

Download (docx, 180 KB)

EDS2 Rag Rated April 2016.docx

document EDS Self Assessment July 2014 Popular

By 210 downloads

Download (docx, 173 KB)

EDS Self Assessment - July 2014.docx

document EDS Self Assessment October 2017 Popular

By 214 downloads

Download (docx, 1.13 MB)

EDS2 Rag Rated October 2017.docx

document EDS2 Action Plan 2015 - 2018 Popular

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Download (docx, 190 KB)

EDS2 Equality Objectives 2015 - 2017 amended April 2016.docx

document EDS2 Action Plan updated November 2017 Popular

By 200 downloads

Download (docx, 192 KB)

EDS2 Equality Objectives 2015 - 2017 updated Oct 2017 FINAL.docx

pdf FAQs about safe staffing Popular

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Download (pdf, 54 KB)


pdf Hospital Youth Forum Popular

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WAHT Youth Forum - Applicant Information Pack.pdf

pdf Privacy and Dignity Policy Popular

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document Quality Improvement Plan v4 Popular

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Download (docx, 1007 KB)

Quality Improvement Plan.docx

pdf Standing Orders January 2014 Popular

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Download (pdf, 542 KB)

Standing Orders - January 2014 (2).pdf

pdf Whistleblowing - Raising concerns policy and procedure Popular

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Download (pdf, 348 KB)


document Workforce Race Equality Standards Review 2019 Popular

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Download (docx, 59 KB)

Workforce Race Equality Standards Review 2019.docx

document WRES acton plan 2018 19 (January 2019 update) Popular

By 303 downloads

Download (docx, 74 KB)

WRES acton plan 2018-19 (January 2019 update).docx

4ward is our Trustwide culture change programme which is helping us build a more positive, supportive workplace for the benefit of our patients and colleagues. At its heart are our four 4ward Behaviours.