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No sound from the Hearing Aid

Is the hearing aid switched on?

Make sure the battery door is closed, which switches the aid on.

Is there a battery in the hearing aid?

Put a new battery in, remember to remove the sticky tab.

Is the battery in the right way round?

Remove the battery and put in the correct way. If the battery draw is hard to shut it is probably in the wrong way round. Please do not force the battery compartment shut as this may damage the aid.

Is the correct programme selected?

Make sure the aid is not on the loop facility (telecoil) if you have one. Switch the aid off and back on again, you do not need to press anything else to switch the aid on.

Is the volume turned down?

If you have a volume control, try turning it up to an appropriate level.

Is the earmould, open fit or tubing blocked?

If the earmould or open fit is blocked try to remove the debris. If you can see debris in the tubing, use a blower (a tool available to purchase from the department) to remove, or cleaning rod provided for open fits.

Is the tubing twisted or squashed?

Tubing needs replacing.

Is there condensation/water in the tube?

Either leave somewhere to dry (not a hot surface) or remove the ear mould from the hearing aid and blow into the tube to remove the moisture or use a blower.

If you have checked everything and the hearing aid is still not working, please contact the department for an appointment.