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Innovative maternity app gives mums real-time information about their pregnancy

Pregnant women across Worcestershire are now able to access a real-time summary of their maternity notes at their fingertips.

An innovative maternity app which has replaced paper records, will support women from their first contact in antenatal care through to the delivery of their baby and postnatal care.

It also means information can be shared directly with expectant mums from the maternity system, and they can also add personalised information – such as plans and preferences for birth – which can be discussed with their midwife. The app can be used on their smartphones, tablet device, or PC.

Midwives at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust say the secure BadgerNet system will improve the quality of care given to mums, while also helping staff do their jobs more efficiently.

Badgernet 1

Zoe Durall, the Lead Midwife for BadgerNet said: “The use of Badgernet means that when an expectant mum is seen by Midwives in the community or arrives in the Maternity department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, all the details of her pregnancy can be seen in real-time, from any location. These can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment, in either a community or hospital setting.

Project Manager, Alison Paul said: “We have been delighted by the willingness of staff to get involved with the project and the way in which they have embraced the change and worked hard to adapt to a new way of working.”

Midwife. Sarah Stallard said: “I really like BadgerNet. It’s easier and quicker than recording notes on paper, so we can spend more time caring for women. In the immediate postnatal period, I found I could complete the records in about half an hour rather than up to 2 hours, and can do it at the woman’s bedside. I feel I can spend more time caring for mum and baby.”

Midwife Katherine Thompson said: “It’s very good, it makes everything flow more easily.”

Justine Jeffery, Divisional Director of Midwifery, added: “As well as making it easier for mums-to-be and midwifery staff to access information and monitor the progress of the pregnancy, BadgerNet will also make it much easier for staff to capture data, in turn making it much easier to effectively monitor and audit the service we provide, giving us assurance that we are providing safe, quality care.”  

New mum, Claire Aspinall said: “I feel that the maternity notes app allows better continuity of care, and convenience. I can see how having the notes more accessible at any time will improve care. This is the modern world, and all the information is to hand. It’s great that the care can be wrapped around the woman and be personalised.”

Badgernet 2

The introduction of BadgertNet also will enable the launch of “Single Point of Access” for newly pregnant women – meaning that they will be able to self-refer to the midwifery team rather than going through their GP. This means that their professional antenatal care and advice can begin at the earliest opportunity and women can have a choice of where they have their antenatal care. The Trust plans to roll this out by the end of the year.

All information is held securely and cannot be accessed without the appropriate login details (similar to internet banking). Registration details and how to access maternity records either by an app or via the internet will be given at the first booking appointment and available on the Trust website:

For anyone unable to use the app, a Summary Record and appointment card will be made available.