Hubbub of donated scrubs thanks to Worcestershire's newest sewing club

Staff from Worcestershire’s hospitals are saying a heartfelt thank you to the volunteers of the County’s newest sewing group after more than 20,000 items were produced.

The ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’ group was set-up on Facebook at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic to bring together hundreds of volunteers to sew hospital scrubs, bags and other materials for NHS staff in Worcestershire.

The group proved increasingly popular throughout the lockdown period, with around 1,000 people in total volunteering their time to produce items. After more than four months, thousands of scrubs, hats and headbands have been sewed, seamed and delivered to the county’s hospitals.

With the nation told to stay home, amateur sewers across the county used their time to provide extra clothing and bags for frontline workers.

The group was given the correct specifications and guidance to make sure all items met strict infection control standards before being distributed to the right areas.

Katie Powis, a founding member of the group, said: “We’re so glad we could do our bit to support our incredible NHS heroes. It’s been an absolutely amazing and humbling thing to be involved with.

“We have made and distributed in excess of 5,600 sets of scrubs, over 12,200 laundry bags, around 6,880 headbands and nearly 2000 scrub hats and knitted huge numbers of hearts for those separated from loved one in hospital.”

But the group has also helped people cope during a difficult period. One of the group’s sewers, Janet Wicks said: “I am sure I am not the only one who doesn't know how they would have coped with lockdown without the scrubs project. I lost count of the number of scrubs I made, but it kept me going to wake up every morning knowing there was sewing that needed doing, and the finished articles were all going to be appreciated.”

Jane Moore added: “The project gave me a purpose in the early days of lockdown when I couldn’t see my daughters or help with grandchildren, so thank you to the people who made it possible to be part of such a very worthwhile project.”

Another volunteer sewer, Trish Bradley said: “It has not only benefitted these workers but also sewers who were isolated, shielded and unable to see family and friends. It helped them feel that they were doing something useful and positive in a difficult time, helping their mental health and wellbeing. I have met so many wonderful ladies and I hope we will all keep sewing!”

Alison Davis, Volunteer Manager at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “I'd like to say how grateful we are for the donations made by the wonderful sewing groups in the county. On a personal note, I've been amazed at the ongoing deliveries arriving week after week. The donations have been very much appreciated - a big big thank you to everyone who has helped!"