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Handmade knitted hearts given to Covid-19 patients and their families

Families unable to visit their loved ones in hospital due to the Coronavirus pandemic are being given handmade knitted hearts to help them feel connected while having to stay apart.

Visiting restrictions during the Coronavirus outbreak mean many patients and their families are separated at the worst possible time, but staff at Worcestershire's Acute Hospitals are trying to ease the distress by giving each family a special keepsake.

Matching pairs of knitted or felt hearts are given to the patient and their family, so they can feel more connected with their relatives, with donations of the handmade knitted hearts have been pouring in from the public. 

Lead Nurse Alison Robinson spotted the potential of the initiative and has now introduced it for Worcestershire's hospitals. Alison said: “Having something to touch and hold, knowing that their relative has the exact matching thing with them is very special and we hope it will help people with their distress.

"We are now working very hard to make sure that any patients on our Covid-19 positive wards and their family receive a pair of hearts. We’ve been receiving all sorts of designs, from knitted to felt materials. People have been very generous and really wanting to help."

The hearts are posted to each family, who also receive a short letter from the staff on the ward.

Alison added: "We want the families to know that even though they can’t be here, we are and their loved one is not alone."

If you would like to knit or donate a heart, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.