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New state-of-the-art laser and digital camera equipment at Kidderminster Hospital

A brand-new service providing day-case treatment for patients with kidney stones and associated cancers has been launched at Kidderminster Hospital thanks to funding from the hospital's League of Friends.

The League paid the £32,000 needed for a state-of-the-art laser and digital camera for the Urology department at the hospital.

The equipment enables the treatment of kidney stones to be handled as day-cases, meaning patients can get quicker diagnoses and treatment. The laser and digital camera also bring improved cancer detection and the ability to tackle more complex stones thanks to significantly improved high-definition vision for doctors carrying out procedures.

Two patients had operations within days of the laser being installed and up to 30 are expected to benefit from the service each year.

A 56-year-old former farmworker was the first to benefit and said: “I am told I had a very hard kidney stone but the operation seemed to take no time at all. It was a quick procedure and a very good experience from a patient’s point of view.”

The second patient was a retired health worker who received the best possible news when a diagnostic camera procedure ruled out cancer.

She said: “The plan was to zap a suspected cancerous growth with the new laser but the camera ruled out cancer and I was given the all-clear. I was hugely impressed by the consultant and his team, who were so efficient and reassuring. It is great to have this kind of service at a local hospital and have your treatment all over in a day.”

Consultant Urologist Vincent Koo, said: “We hope to treat 30 patients in the first year but the number could rise to 90 a year as we progress to more complex treatments. This means better use of resources within the Trust, and improves patient choice with the delivery of a high-quality service.

”Our team at Kidderminster is fully engaged in adopting the new treatment and enthusiastically underwent the laser training needed to operate the equipment.”

The Kidderminster Hospital League of Friends raises funds through its popular coffee shop at the hospital, a charity shop in Kidderminster’s Swan Centre and via legacies and donations from others wanting to support the town's hospital.