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State-of-the-art technology transforms Cardiac procedures at Worcestershire’s hospitals


Patients suffering heart rhythm conditions in Worcestershire are benefitting from new state of the art technology which can rapidly map their heart’s structure, allowing cardiologist to pinpoint problems quicker and more accurately.   

Patients with heart rhythm disturbance benefit from catheter ablation procedures, which involve inserting thin wire catheters into the groin and up to the heart. Electrodes on the catheters help to identify the cause of the heart rhythm problem. Once identified, the doctor can place one of the catheters at the location of the problem and remove the undesirable tissue. This type of procedure is widely performed using X-ray.

The Carto® 3 imaging system newly in use at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust utilises electromagnetic fields to create three-dimensional images of patients’ cardiac structures. With the use of this new system cardiologists can rapidly create a map of the heart to ensure accurate, real-time visualisation of the heart and wire catheters inside.

It allows a much more detailed view, allowing cardiologists to pinpoint the exact location and orientation of catheters in the heart. As a result, there is an increased success rate following the procedure and lower radiation dose for both patient and operator., improving patients comfort too.

Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, Dr Bashar Aldhoon, said: “The Carto® 3 system is very similar to a cars navigation system that guides the driver with visual and audio cues to ensure safe parking. Its accurate mapping system means that we can pinpoint a patients cardiac arrhythmias quickly and accurately, which results in a higher success rate, undoubtedly essential for improving outcomes for our patients.”

Patient Isobelle Batkin was the first patient to undergo a procedure using the Carto® 3 system last week – allowing cardiologists to identify her heart rhythm abnormality and successfully cured her that a previous procedure using X-ray solely had been unable to pick up. 

Following the procedure 22 year old Isobelle said: “All staff were really kind and ensured that I was relaxed leading up to the procedure. I have since recovered really well and I’m really relieved that I don’t have to worry about this now and can start the New Year fixed.”