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Glaucoma patients to benefit from grateful donation to hospital eye unit

People in Worcestershire suffering from eye conditions will benefit thanks to a kind donation from a grateful patient of the eye unit at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

The patient - who wanted to remain anonymous - donated £23,000 to the specialist glaucoma unit as a thank you for the ‘exceptional’ care they had received from the team in the department.

The unit, which was previously voted Best Glaucoma Unit in the UK, has an exceptionally high success rate for complex cataract and glaucoma surgery.

Lead Consultant for Glaucoma, Mr Tarun Sharma has decided to use the donation to purchase two brand-new ocular response analysers, which use high-tech measurement of the cornea to give the most accurate eye pressure readings.

Mr Sharma said: “I feel proud to be the leader of such caring and talented team. I must congratulate the whole of our Worcestershire Eye team, and especially the glaucoma team. Thank you for your constant professionalism and care. The kind donation will help our assessment of glaucoma patients in the unit. Worcestershire is one of the very few departments in UK to have this facility which will now be available at all our sites."


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