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International recognition for Worcestershire maternity research

A Consultant Midwife from Worcestershire Royal Hospital has received international recognition after presenting her research findings at a birthing conference in Michigan, USA last month.

Caitlin Wilson was invited to attend the International Normal Labour and Birth Research Conference at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, after submitting two pieces of original research on maternity roles in the UK.

Caitlin conducted research through the University of Worcester, asking final year student midwives what their learning and development needs are in order to ensure they are prepared for the way care is organised in hospital environments.

A second study, carried out by Caitlin in conjunction with the Royal College of Midwives about the role of Consultant Midwives across the UK, was also presented at the conference which had over 350 attendees from all around the world.

In her role as a Consultant Midwife at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Caitlin uses her expertise to advance midwifery practice through clinical leadership, research and education, to help ensure quality, safety and a positive experience in maternity care.

Caitlin said: “This was a great event for maternity care researchers across the globe to come together to share findings, learn about the international scene for maternity, network and collaborate.

“We all have the same goal of making maternity services safer, more effective and a positive, empowering experience for women and families.”

“Some key discussions took place about how we need to look at the questions we ask as researchers and start to look at issues in different ways to begin to answer these questions. It is important to contribute to research on the local, national and international stage wherever we can to help improve maternity services for those women in our care.”

Cathy Garlick, Director of Operations for Women and Children services said: “It’s fantastic that Caitlin was able to attend this conference and present some of her work on an international stage, showcasing how the role of the Consultant Midwife is helping maternity improve care and preparing our future midwives both in Worcestershire and across the UK.”