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Patients at the Alexandra Hospital benefit from improved MRI scanning service

A new and improved MRI scanner at the Alexandra Hospital, Redditch was officially opened today (Friday 22 December) by Redditch MP Rachel Maclean.

The new £1million MRI equipment includes innovative ambient technology which provides a visual distraction and a more relaxing experience for patients.

This ambient experience - generously funded thanks to a £36,000 donation from the Alexandra’s League of Friends - is only available in a handful of NHS hospitals nationwide. It means patients can choose from a range of lighting effects and images which they can view whilst in the scanner. Situated in a newly refurbished building, it will bring numerous benefits to the thousands of patients who attend for MRI scans each year at the Alexandra Hospital.

Dr Rob Johnson, consultant radiologist said: “An MRI scan can sometimes be an anxious experience for patients, particularly those who suffer from claustrophobia.  The state-of-the-art ambient technology means patients attending MRI scans benefit from the new technology which provides a more relaxing and visual distraction during the scan. Feedback from patients has been extremely positive.”

Alex Wingrove, MRI Radiographer said: “We are delighted to offer patients this enhanced lighting, sound and visual technology, and we are grateful for the additional funding which was provided by the League of Friends. It has made a real difference to patient experience.”

Rachel Maclean, Redditch MP said: “It was fantastic to see the facilities first hand this morning. It’s clear to see how beneficial the ambient technology will be to patient experience and I’m absolutely delighted that Redditch patients will be able to benefit from this state-of-the-art technology.”