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New Theatre Admissions Unit officially opened at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

A dedicated Theatre Admissions Unit (TAU) was officially opened at Worcestershire Royal Hospital by Worcester MP, Robin Walker on Friday (9 March).

The TAU – which has been up and running since the start of February - means patients coming into hospital for surgery have a dedicated, comfortable space where medical assessments and examinations can be undertaken before their procedure takes place.

The new facility has six private consultation rooms and a dedicated seating area with comfortable chairs which were generously funded by the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital. It is located just a short walk away from theatres.

Dr Julian Berlet, Consultant Anaesthetist and Divisional Medical Director for Specialised Clinical Services, said: “We have been working on creating this dedicated space for over two years and we are delighted it is now open it as it will provide an enhanced experience for our patients, as well as improving efficiency on our wards and in our theatres.

“Previously, prior to surgery patients had to wait to be admitted to a ward for their pre-operative assessments, but now this offers a dedicated space where they are admitted directly and can go through any concerns or queries with the surgeon, anaesthetist and nursing staff in private. Being located just a short distance from theatres, it also means that theatre lists can start promptly, avoiding any unnecessary delays.”

Amanda Moore, Deputy Divisional Director of Nursing for Specialised Clinical Services, added: “The new TAU is great news for both patients and staff.

“It offers a calm and quiet space where patients have more privacy and dignity, and enjoy a more efficient experience. For ward staff, it frees up their time to concentrate on patient care and discharging patients no longer in need of an acute hospital bed, which in turn improves patient flow through the whole hospital. We are delighted it is now up and running.”

On his visit to open the unit Robin Walker, MP for Worcester said: “Congratulations everyone, it’s great to hear what a difference this unit is already making to patients. So I am delighted to be able to officially open the unit.”

Hear more on the TAU from Dr Berlet and Mandy Moore on the video below: