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Worcestershire Royal Emergency Department improvements open to patients

21 November 2017

A £920,000 redevelopment of the Emergency Department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital has now opened, improving the experience of patients throughout the hospital.

A new, expanded Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) unit saw its first patients on Monday (20 November). The unit - which adjoins the current A&E department – allows appropriate patients to be seen and treated more quickly, as well as helping to free-up space in the main A&E department.

The expanded unit was funded by NHS England and is a central part of a comprehensive winter plan that is being put in place for the local NHS and County Council to deliver safe, high-quality patient care throughout what is expected to be a busy winter period.

Patients who are referred to the AEC have their individual needs assessed by a specialist team - including a Consultant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse and Health Care Assistant - and a plan of care put in place. The unit will take some patients who would previously have needed to be admitted from A&E to a hospital bed to have their treatment, as well patients who have been referred by their GP.

The main aim of the unit - which can treat up to 16 patients at a time - is to see, assess and discharge patients more safely and promptly. By discharging appropriate patients back home on the same day they arrive, unnecessary overnight admissions can be avoided which helps ensure hospital beds are available for those who need them most.

Consultant in Acute Medicine for the unit, Dr Aruna Maharaj said: “The expanded unit allows us to offer more efficient treatment to our patients and discharge within one day where possible. This helps patients as it shortens their patient journey and provides them with an overall better experience.

“The first day has gone well; we’re really excited to have more space to get patients through the department. We’ve seen a real enthusiasm and energy from the A&E team to help us process patients more effectively and get them home in a timely manner.”

Watch the video below to take a look inside the brand-new Ambulatory Emergency Care unit.


 AEC staff shot