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Mums-to-be benefit from ‘one stop shop’ for antenatal and postnatal care

Mums to be in the Wyre Forest are benefiting from a new ‘one stop shop’ antenatal and postnatal service at Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre.

Community and hospital services have been brought together under one roof for the first time, meaning pregnant women are now able to access and receive any care they need - throughout their pregnancy and afterwards - quicker and easier.

The development of the ‘Maternity Hub’ means community midwives, scanning midwives, antenatal clinic midwives, consultants and specialist advisors all work together, referring women into each other’s services on the same day – and often within just a few hours.

Karen Chapman, Maternity Hub Team Leader, said: “The Maternity Hub opened in November and we are gradually expanding what we can offer. The developments are in line with the recommendations laid out in NHS England’s Better Births document which sets out a vision for a modern maternity service that delivers safer, more personalised care for all women and every baby. We are already hearing really positive things from our parents-to-be – the overwhelming benefit is that they can now access services in one place and often in one visit which is much more convenient.”

Mum-to-be Rebecca Phillips, who is nearing the end of her pregnancy, said she had found it much easier having all of her appointments in one place. “Previously I was attending my clinic appointments at two different children’s centres and then having to come to the hospital for scans. Being able to just come to the hub and know that, should I need any further tests or scans I can just go across the corridor on the same day, is really convenient.”

Community Midwife Maria Birt said the Maternity Hub was also working well for staff. “We have really noticed the difference – we’re not spending as much time on the phone trying to sort out follow up appointments for other services. We can just talk to our colleagues within the hub and get things sorted out there and then – it’s great for the mums-to-be.”

The centre has also been made more child friendly, with a new Wendy House and children’s activities kindly donated by the Kidderminster Hospital League of Friends.

If the Maternity Hub model proves successful the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust hopes to roll the model out countywide.

Note to editors

The services provided at the Maternity Hub include:

•           Community Midwife clinics

•           Antenatal scanning

•           Day patients’ room – blood testing, glucose tolerance tests, scan reviews

•           Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

•           Day assessment rooms – for foetal monitoring, blood pressure assessment

•           Consultant clinics

•           Access to specialist services including mental health, diabetes, smoking cessation, feeding advisors

•           Future developments include access to healthy weight advisors, postnatal drop-in clinic and health visitor contact