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Meadow Birth Centre delivers its first baby

Worcestershire’s brand new Meadow Birth Centre has delivered its first baby. Oscar Louis Andrews was born in the cornflower room of the midwife-led unit at 8:51am yesterday morning (Tuesday 14).

Claire and Oliver Andrews said they were "thrilled" to be the first parents to have a new baby in the centre which opened to expectant mothers this week.

Baby Oscar, weighing 8lbs, 3oz, will join big brother Philip, aged three, at the Andrews' home in Wick, near Pershore.

The Meadow Birth Centre, located at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, has four birthing rooms and up to 500 women are expected to give birth in the unit from across the county this first year. It is run by experienced midwives and offers a safe place to give birth for ‘low risk’ women who have had no complications or medical problems during their pregnancy.

Claire said: "The midwives were just amazing, they made us feel so relaxed and the environment is relaxed and happy. We feel lucky to be the first to have our baby here, I would recommend it to anyone."

Oliver said: "Oscar was eleven days late so we weren't sure if we were going to get in here, but we're really glad we have as everyone's treated Claire and Oscar brilliantly. It's got a really relaxed feel about it."

Allison Collins and Lucy Laird were the two midwives present as Claire gave birth to Oscar in the Cornflower room of the unit. Allison said: "I am so proud and honoured to be involved and represent the team when the first baby was born here." 

Meadow Birth Centre team leader, Louise Turbutt said: "We're elated to have something to celebrate after months of hard work that has gone into this project. So we're really excited to have helped deliver a lovely baby boy."

Oscar was joined by another baby boy born this morning in the violet room of the new centre.