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Worcestershire’s hospitals improve results in CQC inpatient survey

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has improved its scores in the annual CQC inpatient survey.

The latest survey asked for the views of over 400 adults who had stayed overnight as an inpatient at the Alexandra, Kidderminster and Worcestershire Royal Hospitals between June and August 2014. The inpatients were asked what they thought about different aspects of the care and treatment they received.

The findings of the survey revealed that despite national pressures facing the NHS, inpatients appear to be increasingly satisfied with their care in the county’s three acute hospitals.

Results improved from last year on a number of areas including; operations and procedures, leaving hospital and the overall views of care and services.

The survey covered a whole range of questions on inpatient experience, from the availability of hand gels for patients and visitors to patients being treated with respect and dignity. For Worcestershire’s hospitals, over 80 per cent of these questions (49 out of 60) scored above 7 (where 10 represents the best possible response and a score of zero the worst).

Positive results include; patient safety, for not feeling threatened by other patients or visitors during their stay (9.8); single sex accommodation, for not having to share a sleeping area with patients of the opposite sex (9.5);privacy for examinations, being given enough privacy when examined or treated (9.4); and cleanliness of rooms or wards (9.0).

Lindsey Webb, Chief Nursing Officer, said: “We are grateful to those patients who took time to respond to the survey as it is always helpful to receive feedback from patients.

“These results will now be looked at in more detail and alongside our other patient feedback to identify any trends. Improvement plans will then be put in place where necessary.

“It is particularly good to see a number of areas which have improved since last year’s results, including safety; the amount of information given to patients about their condition or treatment; and privacy for examinations.

“This is testament to all our staff who work hard to ensure we deliver quality, safe care to our patients.”