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Hospital trust thanks hardworking volunteers

This week as a part of national Volunteers’ Week, (1 – 7 June) Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is celebrating all of its volunteers who help make the county’s hospitals run smoothly.

There are over 300 volunteers who offer their help and assistance at the Alexandra, Kidderminster and Worcestershire Royal Hospitals, giving up their free time to help improve the experience of both patients and visitors.

Volunteers work in a variety of roles around the hospital sites, from helping point patients and visitors to the correct department or clinic, to working in the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) shop or helping to feed and chat to patients.

Many of the volunteers are skilled and vastly experienced at what they do and Wayfinders can often field up to 400 questions a day.

Kay Davies, a volunteer on the Acute Stroke Unit at Worcestershire Royal Hospital said: “I have volunteered here for the last three years and I absolute love doing what I do.

“I decided to start volunteering almost immediately after I retired. I saw this volunteering opportunity come up and I felt like it was something I just needed to do.

“Day to day, I generally could end up doing anything helpful that’s non-medical that can help free up the nurses time and make sure everyone is comfortable. I do a lot of tea and coffee rounds, bring people newspapers and just generally chatting to patients to put them at ease.

“I love the experience I get here; it’s very enriching for me. I love having the structure of still coming in and being in a working environment, especially one as fantastic and diverse as this.

“It’s so good for your morale and feeling of self-worth being here I would advise it so anyone. It really makes you appreciate the work that goes on here.”

Another volunteer, Jean Cope said:“I love talking to the patients about their lives and anything else and they seem to love talking to me. It’s great just to take their mind off clinical matters for a while and have a real conversation with them.

“I volunteer here two mornings a week and meet a huge variety of people and patients. I’m following in my mother’s footsteps really who also volunteered in a hospital, but I really feel that I get a lot from doing it and I know the patients do too.”

Volunteer co-ordinator at the trust, Elizabeth Williams said: “We have many amazing volunteers who do volunteer alongside our staff in many different roles. They have amazing knowledge of the hospitals and they make a tremendous difference to the experience of our patients, their help is enormously appreciated.”

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities at Worcestershire’s hospitals then you can find out more at our recruitment event at the Worcestershire Oncology Centre at Worcestershire Royal Hospital from 10am to 2pm on Saturday 13 June.

You can also find out more about our volunteers at www.worcsacute.nhs.uk/volunteers