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Worcestershire hospitals become smokefree

Worcestershire's three acute hospitals have become completely smokefree sites.

The Alexandra, Kidderminster and Worcestershire Royal hospitals have become smokefree hospital sites; 99 days after the initial countdown began on No Smoking Day 2015.

The hospitals have been smokefree to staff since June 2014, now the trust is asking all patients and visitors to stub it out.

The new rules, which also apply to ecigarettes and vaporisers, were launched across the three hospitals with information stands and an interactive educational tool from the Roy Castle Foundation called the ‘mega lungs.’

Smoking shelters have been removed on all three sites and people will now actively be asked to ‘stub it out’ if they are seen smoking.

Denise Harnin, Director of Human Resources said: “Becoming a completely smokefree trust is something we have wanted to do for a while.

“Our patients are already in hospital because they are acutely ill and smoking is known to make a lot of these conditions even worse. By promoting healthier choices to our patients, and offering them support to stop, we can help them quit smoking and improve their overall quality of life.”

“Being faced with a crowd of smokers on your way into hospital isn’t a nice way to start your experience of the great care and services we provide. By banning smoking from our sites, patients and visitors will get to experience a more pleasant start to their treatment and recovery.”