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100th baby born at Meadow Birth Centre

One hundred babies have been born at the Meadow Birth Centre just nine weeks after first opening to mums-to-be in April.

George Stanley Flavell was the 100th baby to be born at the midwife-led unit - located inside Worcestershire Royal Hospital – at 12:10am this morning (Thursday 18 June).

George was born in the centre’s violet room, weighing a healthy 6lbs and 14oz. The centre - which is the first of its kind in the county and gives women more choice over where their baby is born - is run by experienced midwives and offers a comfortable environment where birth is treated as a ‘normal’ process rather than a medical one.

Parents, Liz and Dan Flavell, from Solihull, decided to come to Worcester for the birth of their third child so they could experience the calming environment of the Meadow Birth Centre.

Liz said: "The centre has such a calming, relaxed and quiet atmosphere and it also meant that Dan could stay with me overnight.

"The care we've received has been fantastic and it seems like a nice environment for the midwives to work in too. We'll take George back now to meet his two older sisters."

Dan said: "Liz is quite competitive so she was happy to be the 100th mum to give birth here. One hundred babies in nine weeks is very impressive."

Midwife, Carlett Simmance who was present as Liz gave birth to baby George said: "I have been a midwife for 15 years and feel extremely privileged to be working in the Meadow Birth Centre.

"I was so pleased to be able to be the midwife at the birth of the 100th baby born in the centre.

"Liz was an absolute delight to look after. Her mum and husband were wonderful support and she now has the most beautiful baby boy to complete her family." 

Meadow Birth Centre Team Leader, Louise Turbutt added: "We are thrilled to have reached 100 babies in such a short space of time, and we're privileged that Liz and Dan chose us to have George with us here."